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Why Cisco for Healthcare?

6 reasons to turn to Cisco

Today’s patients expect their experiences to be enabled by technology. This includes remote consultations, connectivity, and location-aware mobile services. Today’s staff require a secure, digital environment that makes it possible to be more efficient and provide better care, with access to the systems they need from any location, at any time.

To survive in this changing world, it’s clear that healthcare must evolve. That’s where Cisco® healthcare solutions can help. As a leader in healthcare transformation, Cisco has the innovative solutions you need to deliver cutting-edge care.

Every day, we push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare.

Everything you do today and tomorrow — from managing IoT medical devices to implementing blockchain and AI decision support — depends on a strong IT infrastructure foundation. All your systems - network, mobility, collaboration, security, data center — need to work together seamlessly to support the future of care. For over 20 years, our comprehensive solutions have been enabling organizations to accelerate innovative care and take on new challenges.

Your patients, your clinicians, and ultimately your continued operations rely on a strong IT infrastructure. That’s why we offer Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) for Healthcare. It’s networking made simple, smart, and automated. It means faster, flexible deployment, so you can innovate at the speed of change. It also means reduced complexity and costs, so you can get more value. And it means security, everywhere.

Cybersecurity is critical for survival. We’ve built it into all of our solutions.

Cyber threats in healthcare come from everywhere: the network, medical devices, even employees. To keep what matters safe, you need a strong, simple, automated defense that permeates your IT infrastructure with security — on-premises, in the cloud, and on all of your software and devices. Cisco’s security solutions help increase visibility and stop threats in their tracks — fast.

Gone are the days when healthcare was delivered exclusively inside the four walls of a hospital. Today, telemedicine and other types of remote care are opening up new avenues for reaching patients anywhere and boosting productivity. And patients aren’t the only ones who benefit: modern collaboration tools also allow the workforce to meet and communicate without boundaries. Cisco’s advanced collaboration and video technologies help you deliver flawless remote care and work more efficiently, together.

We don’t just sell technology — we also help you use it more effectively.

Staffing shortages are common in health IT, and the technology environment seems to change almost daily. That’s why our healthcare experts are available to help you make technology decisions and get the most out of them. The first step on your journey is understanding where your technology infrastructure capabilities are today and where you need to be tomorrow to reach your strategic and clinical business goals. So you can focus on what you do best: care for patients.

With our global partners, we make industry- leading healthcare solutions possible.

To deliver data-driven and secure experiences, we partner with device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospital and research institutions, and start-up and multinational tech companies. Together, we can provide the solutions you need to securely drive better operations and patient care.