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Healthcare is evolving. Is your organization ready?

Patients and providers seek technology-enabled care. Cisco delivers rapid innovation and implementation.

Six reasons to choose Cisco

Cisco healthcare solutions have placed over 17,000 healthcare organizations on the cutting edge of holistic, technology-enabled care.

1. Healthcare is a target for hackers

Holistic cybersecurity should span network, medical and IoT devices, and even out-of-network devices. Cisco provides security that’s built in, not bolted on.

2. Enable care from anywhere

Boost provider productivity, reach underserved patients, expand the available range of experts, and provide a better patient experience with Cisco collaboration solutions.

3. Care continuity, no matter what

In healthcare, pressing “pause” isn’t an option. A secure IT infrastructure, collaboration tools, and holistic strategy keep healthcare services up and running despite local or global disruptions.

4. IT infrastructure, designed for you

An infrastructure plan tailored to meet your business and clinical goals, the Cisco Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM) helps providers create a custom pathway for infrastructure development.

5. A network that keeps up with demand

A strong, secure IT infrastructure for quick innovation without compromising safety, and a cohesive network and data center help you deliver care that’s data driven and at scale.

6. Industry-leading solution partners

Together with our ecosystem of partners, Cisco helps healthcare providers expand the possibilities of healthcare to help provide better, more effective patient care.

Ready to get started?

Cisco’s portfolio of solutions can help enable healthcare organizations to better provide the transformative care experience that patients and providers deserves.