Digital Oil and Gas

Our oil and gas network solutions help make operations safe, reliable, efficient, and secure.

We can help you...

Improve utility operations

Improve operations

Monitor and optimize oil and gas assets and production, from the enterprise to the well, the refinery to the smart station.

Reduce oil and gas risk

Reduce risk

Improve incident prevention, worker safety, industrial IoT security, supply chain integrity, and regulatory compliance.

Utility innovation


Lead the energy industry and lower costs through IT and operational technology (OT) automation.

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Digital oilfield

Digital oilfield

Secure upstream exploration and production. Bring the edge into the control center and the enterprise.

Connected pipelines

Connected pipelines

Get end-to-end pipeline management: incident prevention, process control, safety, resiliency, and security.

Connected refineries

Connected refineries

Digitize with the new era of networking for plant automation, industrial IoT, wireless, and worker mobility.

Secure operations

Secure Ops

Deploy security, compliance, and risk management for industrial control systems and SCADA environments.

Field workforce

Field workforce

Improve productivity and safety with remote diagnostics and collaboration via video, wireless, and more.

Smart gas stations

Smart gas stations

Make stations efficient and secure with payment video monitors, real-time data, and IoT at pumps and stores.

Design your connected oil and gas initiatives

Use our resources to plan your projects with industrial-networking best practices. Benefit from Cisco secure architecture and validated design guidance.

Explorer Pipeline unifies its distributed workforce

Explorer Pipeline unifies its distributed workforce

"Our Cisco Collaboration toolset raises the level of engagement among colleagues. We feel more connected."

Todd Golla, Director of IT, Explorer Pipeline

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Security for digital oil and gas

Oil and gas security

Oil and gas security

Manage risk. Leverage the network and data to protect operations and defend proactively from end to end.

Secure operations success

Security success

Diamond Offshore deploys real-time monitoring across all layers of operational industrial control-system networks.

Cisco security video

Cisco Security in 5 Minutes

See more, protect better, and respond faster across infrastructure and secure operations. How secure are you?


Create a long-term strategy for upstream, midstream, downstream IT and OT networks. Converge multiple systems into a single secure, flexible, and scalable IP network. 

News and events

LoRaWAN 2.0

Introducing LoRaWAN 2.0

Extend Industrial IoT with asset connectivity, wireless, and sensor-based field and refinery solutions.

Oil and gas at Cisco Live

Digital Oil and Gas at Cisco Live 2017

Our energy solutions and other IT superheroes lit up Las Vegas. See what’s new.

Innovation Summit: Digital Pipelines

Innovation Summit: Digital Pipelines

Pipeline management leaders are coming together to innovate – with Cisco as sponsor of this Schneider Electric event.