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Digitize and secure your entire retail environment for a more connected experience.

See our solutions for...

Customer journey

Improve customer experience before, during, and after a visit.

Associate experience

Equip associates with the right information, at the right time, for whatever customers need.

Physical and cybersecurity

Prioritize customer and associate safety, safeguard goods, and secure consumer data and privacy.

Intelligent operations

Keep a retailer's physical and digital enterprise optimized for end-to-end experiences.

Distribution and fulfillment

Gain insights and automation for efficient, safe, and proactive management of distribution and fulfillment centers.

See how it all comes together

Use this tool to explore our full portfolio of solutions for retail including use cases with associated technology components.

Woolworths transforms operations

Our customer's expectations are changing radically. We see connectivity as key to a rich in-store experience. Customer free Wi-Fi is our next big step, and Cisco will help us roll it out. We're moving toward virtual assistants, store navigation, and a new way to shop for our customers. I'm obsessed with customers and so is Cisco. That's why it works.

Patrick Misciagna, General Manager IT, Service, Operations & Infrastructure, Woolworths

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