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Cisco Performance IT

Turn your infrastructure into one that is ready for anything—and ensure the transformation pays for itself.

Evolve your network for multicloud needs

Cisco Performance IT is a proven approach that builds a business case and roadmap for realizing the potential of your IT.

Our model for network transformation enables your organization to cost-effectively align its infrastructure with multicloud realities. And our process is proven to ensure that any required investments pay for themselves.

What’s the challenge for businesses?

Multicloud is essential to modern operations. But without the right network, it significantly hinders agility.

120+ days

Average carrier provisioning time for high-capacity circuits to cloud provider.

30-60 days

Average internal IT provisioning time for new access services for a SaaS provider.


Increase in workload for IT infrastructure teams to add and manage new services, security, and users—from the same budget.

Three outcomes of Cisco Performance IT

Early adopters of this approach have achieved significant results.

Self-funded transformation

Lower future operating costs below current-day costs with new, more efficient infrastructure.

Customer result:
20+% ongoing reduction in operational costs post transformation.

Business growth transformation

Reduce the network spend growth rate compared to overall business growth

Customer result:
Higher capacity and performance, with IT costs tracking below top-line revenue growth.

Cost-out transformation

Minimize hard costs through asset reduction and simplification to lower network run rate costs.

Customer result
20+% reduction of network costs alongside a 20% reduction in infrastructure.

Learn more about Cisco Performance IT

Financial constraints prevent many from evolving their network.

Learn how our approach can make it possible.