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What is multidomain integration?

Organizations are adopting a holistic network-infrastructure strategy across all their networking domains. Multidomain integration is vital to effectively manage expansion in mobile, IoT, cloud, and security technologies. It helps organizations tackle performance, security, and management challenges involving highly distributed applications, data, users, and devices.

Achieving this integration requires an intent-based network architecture across all network domains. Cisco can guide organizations in prioritizing technology investments and accelerating intent-based infrastructure deployments across campus, branch, SD-WAN, and private and public clouds.

Multidomain integrations help you to ...

Secure your business

Rely on user identity as a security perimeter. Detect threats in one domain, and remediate throughout the network.

Enhance app experience

Optimize application delivery, from the data center and the cloud to campuses and branches.

Transform your infrastructure

Software-define everything, applying intent-based networking consistently throughout the enterprise.

Cisco's multidomain integrations

Cisco's intent-based networking solutions address campus and branch access networks with Cisco DNA, WANs with Cisco SD-WAN, and distributed application environments with Cisco ACI. This multidomain architecture applies consistent policy and assurance across the domains. 

Cisco SD-Access with Cisco ACI

Consistent network segmentation between users and applications protects data and applications from unauthorized access and promotes regulatory compliance.

Cisco SD-WAN with Cisco ACI

Automatic propagation of application-traffic priority settings from ACI to SD-WAN helps ensure a great experience for users everywhere.

Intent-based network security

Leverage the visibility and intelligence of the network to detect and stop threats wherever they exist.

See what customers have to say

"Cisco DNA with Cisco SD-Access, Cisco ACI, and the policy integration between them give us the end-to-end security and a platform we can grow on as we look to the future."

- Mike Everett, Vice President and Chief Security Officer, Farm Credit Mid-America

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