Connected Pipeline: Operational Telecoms

Connected Pipeline Operational Telecoms

This guide for operational telecoms includes best practices and secure design guidance. (PDF - 8.3 MB)

Connected Pipeline Operational Telecoms

Design Guidance for Connected Pipeline – Operational Telecoms

This Cisco Validated Design documents best-practices design and implementation of safe, highly available, and secure pipeline operational-telecoms infrastructure. This includes communication networks between Control Centers, from Control Centers to pipeline stations, between pipeline stations, and inside pipeline stations.

The solution:

  • Documents best practices from real-world implementations and details the designs and architectures that are mapped back to customer use cases.
  • Addresses real-life customer deployment scenarios by providing a solution that supports implementation of a scalable, secure, and redundant operational network supporting both industrial and multiservice applications.
  • Specifies topology, quality of service (QoS), availability, security, and network management services for a Connected Pipeline communications network
  • Delivers highly available, reliable, and IEC 62443 secure infrastructure

This guide represents a collaborative development effort from Cisco Systems and Schneider Electric.