Connected Pipeline: Control Center

Connected Pipeline Control Center

Control Center virtualized data center infrastructure for oil and gas pipeline management systems. (PDF - 7.7 MB)

Connected Pipeline Control Center

Design Guidance for Connected Pipeline: Control Center

The Control Center virtualization validated design documents best-practices design and implementation of safe, highly available, and secure oil and gas pipeline infrastructure and applications. This Cisco Validated Design identifies customer use cases, maps them to relevant architectures, and describes how Cisco and partner technology are ready to deliver unprecedented value for our customers.

The solution:

  • Details support for implementing Control Center application virtualization, secure remote access, the Industrial Demilitarized Zone (IDMZ), and cybersecurity
  • Documents best practices from real-world implementations and details the designs and architectures that are mapped back to the customer use cases
  • Delivers highly available, reliable, and IEC 62443 secure infrastructure

This guide represents a collaborative development effort from Cisco and Schneider Electric.