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Cisco Hyperlocation Solution

Get pinpoint location accuracy

Cisco Hyperlocation delivers exceptional indoor location accuracy using your Cisco indoor Wi-Fi. Three Cisco technologies-the next-generation Hyperlocation Aironet 4800 access point, Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) location engine, and CMX Location SDK-work together to enhance both accuracy and refresh rate for precision navigation, engagement, analytics and other location services.

What Cisco Hyperlocation gives you

Precise location accuracy

Provides location accuracy to within 1 to 3 meters, on average, with associated Wi-Fi clients.

Near real-time refresh

Delivers extremely fast refresh rate when the Cisco CMX SDK is embedded in your mobile application.

More location updates

Supports FastLocate technology to generate frequent location updates for connected Wi-Fi clients.

The office that works as hard as you do

With a simple click and drag of your mouse, get the full effect of Cisco's Enterprise Networking panoramic 360°experience. 

See what's happening behind the scenes of an office throughout a normal work day.

Use existing infrastructure

Enjoy wireless security

Get top wireless performance. Deploy the most advanced Cisco access point and next-generation Hyperlocation solution with the Aironet 4800.

Take advantage of the proven CMX

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences delivers the industry's most advanced Wi-Fi location services capabilities.

Wireless security

Delivers always-on security and policy enforcement, plus Cisco CleanAir intelligence for 20-, 40-, and 80-MHz channels.

How you can use it


Give your customers product details and specials based on their location.

(1:55 min)


Help your guests locate conference rooms and banquet halls with ease.

(2:25 min)


Show patients the fastest way to their next appointment.

(2:20 min)

Life with and without CMX

What kind of experience are you providing? See how CMX brings life to your customers' experience.

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Mobility Experience Services

Our team of experts, together with our partners, can help you plan, deploy, and manage your technology initiatives to achieve your business goals.

Wireless services

Let our experts help you improve your results. Get more efficient Wi-Fi so you can focus on your business.

News and events

CMX’s total economic impact

Triple-digit ROI, new revenue, and more: Read Forrester's study to discover how five customers benefited from Cisco CMX.

Unlock new business value

Contextual data about customers has gotten more accurate. Find out how.

Get the scoop from Gartner

In 4 years, 30 percent of enterprises will use location services. Will you be among them?

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