Cisco Software-Defined Access Services Solution Overview

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Updated:January 13, 2021

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Updated:January 13, 2021


Scale policy automation and assurance

In the past, one IT worker might have supported 200 devices. Now, one IT worker may have to support 100,000. The network must change to support this new normal. You need a network that constantly learns. Constantly adapts. Constantly protects. And, is built on Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA). It has to behave as a cohesive, intelligent system that generates network data, and, using automation and analytics to solve security and operational challenges.

You can do all of this with the Cisco® Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) solution. SD-Access enhances Cisco DNA with automation, assurance, and greater security. You can now secure your enterprise, mobilize your workforce, engage your customers and simplify your IT operations.

Evolving to the new network presents new challenges

      How will you manage the complexity and risk of migrating to an automated network?

      How will you scale your policy automation and security capabilities? How will you enable “everything as a sensor” with network telemetry and analytics?

      How will you enable contextual insights for fast issue resolution?

      How will you develop in-house IT expertise to manage the solution?

      How will you use SD-Access and speed its adoption?

We have the expertise to help you.

Cisco services benefits

      Reduce the complexity of transformation with an architectural strategy and roadmap

      Scale innovation and accelerate results with expert automation and security guidance

      Address the fragmented security approach to reduce risk

      Migrate with high performance, security, and reliability

      Drive productivity with end-to-end network visibility

      Speed adoption of new operations models to accelerate ROI

      Ease network operations with proactive monitoring and guided remediation

Cisco SD-Access solution

Figure 1.            

Cisco SD-Access solution

Accelerate digital transformation, ease network operations, and deliver unique customer experiences

Cisco Services offers a comprehensive lifecycle of services, including advisory, implementation, optimization, managed, and technical services for the Cisco DNA SD-Access solution. Whether you are in the process of migrating to SD-Access or starting afresh with Cisco DNA, Cisco experts can help accelerate your journey to the digital-ready network. With proven experience, best practices, innovative tools, and now network context based on Cisco DNA Assurance, Cisco Services can help you move to a secure, automated and all sensing network while integrating with existing business and IT tools with ease.

Cisco DNA Services for Software-Defined Access







Cisco DNA Advisory for SD-Access

Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement

Business Critical Services for SD-Access

Managed Enterprise for SD-Access

Cisco Solution Support

Cisco DNA Implementation Essentials

Security Segmentation

Cisco DNA Center Assurance Advise and Implement Quick Start



Partner Support Service

SD-Access Training

SD-Access Design

SD-Access Solution Validation




Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Product Training

SD-Access Migration




Network Programmability Certifications

SD-Access Operations Planning





SD-Access Advise and Implement Quick Start





We help you develop an SD-Access architecture strategy, roadmap, and design

      Cisco DNA Advisory for SD-Access will help you design a network that will grow smarter and more responsive. This service includes strategy development, an assessment, and interactive working sessions to develop a roadmap with recommendations tailored to your specific business and technology needs

      Security Segmentation involves developing a strategic plan for infrastructure segmentation. It will be designed to reduce risk, simplify the audit profile, protect data and applications, and achieve a more defensible position for board-level requirements. This service goes beyond typical network considerations. Our advisors identify critical parameters that define security zones within your environment. We will evaluate infrastructure segmentation design patterns to be incorporated as necessary

      SD-Access Design can help reduce expensive rework during the design phase. Our experts identify the required architecture, technology and features early in the life cycle

We help you migrate to SD-Access with high performance, security and reliability

      Cisco DNA Center Advise and Implement helps you rapidly deploy Cisco DNA Center for simplified control of wired and wireless environments with built-in security and network insights. We work with your IT staff to develop a business strategy and use-case requirements for Cisco DNA Center deployment. This is followed up with a customized, validated design to reduce deployment risk using proven best practices, tools and methodologies for successful implementation

      SD-Access Solution Validation reduces risks and time to value in deploying SD-Access via rapid prototyping and validation in a lab environment

      SD-Access Migration helps you migrate to SD-Access using a quality-assured process, state-of-the-art tools and proven methodologies

      SD-Access Operations Planning prepares you to operate and manage SD-Access. We collaborate with your operations staff to analyze your current operations. This is followed up with a detailed operations plan to accelerate your operational readiness while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime

      SD-Access Advise and Implement Quick Start provides a fixed price, predefined package of planning, design, and implementation support services to help you rapidly deploy and quickly recognize the full value of your SD-Access investment. You can count on us to speed your deployment of SD-Access significantly, while also helping you anticipate and manage the risks associated with transformation.

We help you achieve operational excellence as your network grows

      Business-Critical Services (Optimization) for SD-Access keeps the solution running efficiently even as the network grows. This service provides ongoing optimization of the SD-Access enabled network and applications by maintaining a healthy infrastructure. It includes design guidance, assessments, operations support planning and performance tuning to enable the rapid adoption of technology innovations while reducing downtime and costs

We help you centralize support across your solution ecosystem and reduce time to resolution

      Solution Support centralizes issue management across all products in your ecosystem. Simply contact us if an issue arises with a Cisco or solution partner product. Our team of experts owns your case from first call to resolution, no matter where the issue resides. And because Solution Support resolves solution- level issues 43 percent[1] faster on average than product support alone, it helps maintain solution performance, reliability and return on investment

We manage your SD-Access network to maintain always-on service availability

      Managed Enterprise for SD-Access provides organizations with superior technology expertise to accelerate adoption of your SD-Access network, along with managing your broader IT infrastructure to drive digital-ready transformation. This service provides proactive monitoring and assessments, to assurance management, rich reporting, software application visibility and optimization

We equip your IT staff with SD-Access networking knowledge and training

      Deploying Software-Defined Access (ENSDA) Training is a two-day training course that provides an overview of SD-Access solution, its value proposition, architecture, migration strategies, and key solution components such as Cisco DNA Center policy-based automation and assurance, wireless and wired infrastructure integration, and the Identity Services Engine (ISE)

      Cisco DNA Implementation Essentials (Cisco DNAIE) is a 5-day lab-centric training boot camp for professionals who are implementing Cisco DNA today. It covers all solution elements, including Cisco DNA Center, with a focus on best practices for deploying SD-Access solutions in enterprise customer environments.

      Cisco Catalyst 9000 Family Product Training (RSCAT9K) is a 2-day training session that provides an overview of the SD-Access-ready Cisco Catalyst® 9000 family infrastructure switching platform and innovations such as encrypted traffic security analysis, Internet of Things convergence, mobility, and cloud

      Network Programmability Certifications are offered for two distinct job functions.

    For network engineers, Network Programmability Design and Implement Specialist provides comprehensive curriculum to develop and validate automation, assurance, and programming skills

    For application developers, Network Programmability Developer Specialist provides comprehensive curriculum to develop infrastructure programming skills

Cisco services for SD-Access solution

Figure 2.            

Cisco services for SD-Access solution

Take the next step in your intent-based networking journey. Armed with rich contextual insights based on network data, Cisco Services helps reduce operational costs and ease transition to a secure, automated and assurance enabled network with confidence.

Realize greater value from your investment

Along with our industry-leading methodology and tools, our expertise, best practices and established partner relationships deliver extraordinary outcomes. We take a holistic approach to planning, implementing and managing your next-generation network. With our services, you quickly recognize the full value of your SD-Access investment. For more information about this and other Cisco Services, contact your local account representative or visit




[1] According to an internal Cisco study of more than 10,000 support cases

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