Collaboration Case Study: Space Matrix

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Architecture Firm Boosts Creativity Through
Web Collaboration

Singapore-based architecture firm Space Matrix relies on Cisco WebEx to enhance collaboration among geographically dispersed teams.


  • Simplify and amplify online collaboration between remote teams, customers, and partners
  • Preserve natural human interactions - such as brainstorming - over web conferencing
  • Help ensure high levels of productivity for a geographically-dispersed organization


Cisco WebEx connects offices to improve business processes and speed up customer response times.


  • Greater productivity through effective collaboration between employees, partners, and clients
  • More flexibility in staffing and resourcing of projects worldwide
  • Improved cost-effectiveness due to travel savings
  • More engaged team members through a reliable, simplified web conferencing platform
  • Happier clients as a result of more regular updates and interactions
It makes things so much easier when employees know the WebEx service always just works. We’re in the architecture and design business…not tech geeks.
- Darren Rizza
Space Matrix Group CIO