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Case Study: IBM Norway

Transforming Team Communications for IBM Norway

IBM Norway has gone through a tremendous amount of transformation to become an integrated service and solutions company focused on data and artificial intelligence.  See how Cisco Webex is revolutionizing the way their people interact, collaborate, and get work done.



  • Significant integration of companies and technologies
  • Enable and accelerate collaboration
  • Quickly onboard more than 1,000 employees


  • Transformed internal and external interactions
  • Created flexibility to bring teams together
  • Completely secured solutions

A more inspiring way to work

I don’t know how we collaborated before we got Cisco Webex. It’s so natural to me now, and a much more inspiring way to work.

Ida Furnes Breivik, Client Services Manager, IBM Norway

Who is IBM Norway?

Industry: Technology
Location: Oslo, Norway
Size: over 1,000 employees
Website: https://www.ibm.com/planetwide/no/