Cisco Case Study: Broadcom

Scalable solutions for enterprise collaboration

When the pandemic hit, Broadcom was able to smoothly transition 25,000 employees to working from home with Webex. Now all their quarterly business reviews, town-halls, acquisitions, and board meetings happen over Webex.



  • Had to quickly connect 25,000 remote employees across 59 countries
  • Required a single platform to host any size meeting from one-on-one1:1 to Webcasts webcasts with 100,000 attendees
  • Needed to support 230 percent increase in meeting time run rate

Impressive outcomes

  • One centrally managed, enterprise-grade collaboration platform for all employees
  • Powerful collaboration tools improve communications and productivity among co-workers
  • Remote collaboration that's reliable, scalable and highly secure

Impressive ability to scale

We saw a 230 percent increase of our usual meeting minutes’ run rate. One of the advantages we see is Cisco’s ability to scale to handle the tremendous increase in meetings. And Broadcom doesn't have to do anything.

Stanley Toh, Global IT - Head of Enterprise End-users Experience and Services, Broadcom

Who is Broadcom?

Industry: Manufacturing (Hi-tech)
Location: San Jose, CA
28,000 employees