Cisco Case Study: Pickens County School District

Schools embrace, improve distance learning capabilities

Stopgap or opportunity? As distance and hybrid learning becomes the new normal, school administrators in Pickens County, SC, are embracing the change. See how a district with 16,300 students is using Webex to enable synchronous learning.



  • Creating a sense of community when students and teachers were not able to meet in person
  • Need for simple-to-use way for students to log in from any device
  • Safeguarding students and staff from unsuitable content and unauthorized attendees

Impressive outcomes

  • HD audio and video transforms virtual classrooms into life-like experiences
  • Strong encryption to meet the most stringent security requirements
  • Digital whiteboarding, co-editing, and interactive polling for constant engagement

Love over lessons

I can’t even begin to tell you what it has done to the psyche of our community--our kids, teachers and parents--to be able to see each other. For our students to [be able] see their friends and know that they were okay, there are no words for that.

Barbara Nesbitt, Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services, Pickens County School District

Who is Pickens County School District?

Industry: Education

Location: Easley, South Carolina

Size: 16,300 students with 14 elementary, five middle and four high schools