Case Study: San Francisco Suicide Prevention

Keeping essential, lifesaving services running

San Francisco Suicide Prevention volunteers could not work from the office and needed a solution that would allow them to perform their life-saving mission from home. The agency is relying on Cisco Webex solutions for secure, cloud-based communications.



  • 30 percent increased volume of incoming calls for help (over 300 daily)
  • Agency offices closed for quarantine
  • Secure connection needed to protect client privacy

Impressive outcomes

  • In four days, activated 80 volunteers on Webex Calling with phone numbers and 20 devices for staff
  • Cloud-based Contact Center platform provides fast call routing and a secure connection
  • Voice and chat collaboration tools let volunteers quickly communicate with supervisors

Volunteers supporting those in need, remotely

When the pandemic started, our volunteer pool dropped in half. A lot of folks said, 'we will help out if there's a possibility for you to go remote.' We are able to integrate Webex Meetings, Webex Calling, Webex Messaging. It gives our volunteers the feeling of being together in the call room.

Van Hedwall, Director of Programs, San Francisco Suicide Prevention

Who is San Francisco Suicide Prevention?

Industry: Healthcare
Location: San Francisco, CA
Size: Staff and 150 volunteers answer 300 calls daily