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Case Study: Woodside

Woodside Energy keeps remote workers connected with Webex

Woodside is Australia's largest independent oil and gas producer. Learn how the company worked with Telstra to leverage Cisco Webex, enhancing communication, collaboration, and performance.


Technology goals

  • Connect people and make it easy to collaborate
  • Provide frictionless communication

Impressive outcomes

  • Frictionless communication
  • Improved productivity with fewer meetings, reduced meeting times, and less emails
  • Attract and retain top talent

An integrated collaboration experience

The technology is delivering more frictionless, easier, communication--(it’s) easier to get things done.

Shaun Gregory, EVP Exploration and CTO, Woodside Energy

Who is Woodside?

Industry: Energy

Location: Perth, Australia

Size: 3597 employees

Website: https://www.woodside.com.au