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Case Study: Tamron Hall Show

Webex helps the home audience join in

See how Tamron's “Cyber Hall” is leveraging Cisco Webex to connect home viewers to the daily show. With easy one-click logon capability and high-quality audio and video, Webex is replacing the need for expensive satellite uplinks.


Technology goals

  • Easy for home viewers or remote experts to participate in the show real-time
  • Eliminate cost and complexity of satellite uplinks
  • Ensure HD video and broadcast-quality audio

Impressive outcomes

  • Natural engagement between host and remote guests
  • Rich visual experience
  • Enables production team to share documents and make last minute edits

With last minute script changes, agility is critical

Using Cisco Webex on the Tamron Hall show on a day-to-day basis has just been an outstanding experience. It really helps our staff stay nimble. We're able to respond quickly--to bring in experts, to bring in other opinions.

Joe Robinson, Line Producer and Tech Manager, Tamron Hall Show

What is the Tamron Hall Show?

Industry: Entertainment
Location: New York, New York
Owned by: Walt Disney Television
Website : www.tamronhallshow.com