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Privacy Sigma Riders Podcast

Hosted by Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy, Sigma Riders is essential listening for anyone interested in cybersecurity, data protection and privacy.  

Episode 43: The Internet of Things Meets Privacy

Joseph Bradley, Cisco’s VP of Internet of Things, discusses the role of context in securing IoT, generating business value from IoT, and the skill sets needed to successfully drive IoT in the future.

Episode 42: Can Oversharing Information Be the Best Medicine?

A candid discussion about balancing privacy online with a patient’s vital need to share.

Episode 41: The Value Chain, Trust, and Lasagna

Edna Conway, chief security officer for Cisco’s global value chain, on third-party partnership and trust in a hyper-connected world.

Episode 40: Parents, Don’t Let Your Children Be Victims Online

Sound advice from life partners and co-hosts of a podcast for analog parents raising digital kids.

Episode 39: Is the GDPR Already Obsolete?

It’s here and we have to comply, but are regulations like the GDPR scalable given the pace of change and level of complexity in the world today?

Episode 38: Making the Case for a US Law on Privacy

Cisco’s top lawyer explains why it’s time for the US to join other countries in adopting data protection laws.

Episode 37: Cryptographer’s Guide to Peace, Love, and Nuclear Deterrence

Data encryption pioneer Martin Hellman and wife Dorothie share their map for better ethical decision-making, world peace, and a happy marriage.

Episode 36: Data Swamps, Ethics, and Rodents of Unusual

Just two CPOs talking privacy, data ethics, data curation and leadership in the digital economy.

Episode 35: My Data, Myself

Nuala O’Connor of the Center for Democracy and Technology wants to balance data integrity with privacy and free expression in service to the human side of technology. 

Episode 34: The Equality of Security, Privacy, and Identity

Salesforce’s Ian Glazer on the value of empathy and compassion in a service-based economy.

Episode 33: Baking Security into the Enterprise

A chat with a Cisco technical solutions engineer, security evangelist, and Chief Stroopwafel Officer.

Episode 32: From Values to Value

Chief Digital Risk Officer at Citrix Systems discusses ethics and risk balancing in the era of big data.

Episode 31: How the US Secret Service Safeguards Data

Agency Deputy CISO Ryan Moore has his sights trained on cybercrime and digital security.

Episode 30: What Price Privacy?

Insights on free speech, privacy, and security with CyberWire’s Dave Bittner.

Episode 29: Thinking Holistically About Data

Data consultant Daragh O’Brien sees the connectedness in all things, especially data.

Episode 28: Creativity and Digital Hope

Cisco New Zealand Country Manager Dave Wilson on fostering creativity, trust, and digital literacy.

Episode 27: The Four P's of Privacy

A culture of innovation and customer experience lifts Air New Zealand’s data privacy program.

Episode 26: Analyze This

Why data matters to operational success, business acceleration, and more.

Episode 25: Building Trust in the Digital Era

Achieving digital trust is a competitive differentiator for winning.

Episode 24: Send in the Machines

Taming enterprise data chaos with machine learning for greater business value.

Episode 23: Leaning in to Data Privacy and GDPR

What’s the sixties band Thunderclap Newman got to do with data privacy? A visionary who saw what was coming decades ago has theories.

Episode 22: Secure Connectivity to the Rescue

An elite Cisco team of experts deploys critical communications to disaster areas and touches thousands of people in need.

Episode 21: Data with Dad

In celebration of Father's Day during the month of June, Cisco Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy interviews her father, Thomas Finneran, Sr., affectionately known as the "Father of Privacy Engineering."

Episode 20: Does Bias Stack the Deck When It Comes to Data?

Author, cognitive scientist, and former poker champion Annie Duke says removing bias and emotion from data analysis is the key to better decision-making.

Episode 19: Don’t Stop Talking PII, Start Putting Privacy Engineering into Action

Managing data privacy with a risk-based approach.

Episode 18: The Hierarchy of Digital Business

It starts with security and automation if you want to achieve your highest possible digital business potential, says Cisco’s Ruba Borno.

Episode 17: Trust, Fear, and Fast Digitization

Oliver Tuszik, general manager of Cisco Germany, and Anthony Grieco from the Trust Strategy Office on trust and transparency as fundamental drivers for accelerating digitization.

Episode 16: Measuring What Matters

Renowned expert Doug Hubbard talks applied information economics and measuring intangibles, risks and value.

Episode 15: Building Networks of Trust

From Barcelona, Spain, insights on Cisco and the human network connection from SVP Edwin Paalvast, who leads Cisco in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.

Episode 14: We’re Off to See the Wizard of Big Data

A teenage entrepreneur grows up mining the data warehouse in his head to build products that solve high-tech problems.

Episode 13: Jules and Michelle’s Big, Fat Data Journey

A day in the life of two data wonks and their good friend Mr. Fox.

Episode 12: Good Privacy Is Good for Business

Benchmark study shows mature, effective privacy practices yield greater competitive advantage and lower risk.

Episode 11: Trust in Paradise

Embedding security, data protection, and privacy into products to meet today's cybersecurity challenges.

Episode 10: Identity, Trust and Control on the Humanized Internet

Host Michelle Dennedy discusses protecting the most vulnerable populations in our digitized world with Monique Morrow, co-founder of the Humanized Internet.

Episode 9: Security. The Great Enabler. Who Knew?

Host Michelle Dennedy discusses leadership and adaptable security as a business enabler with Steve Martino, Cisco’s chief information security officer.

Episode 8: Old Philosophers, a Privacy Renaissance, and some Shiny New Bling

Michelle Dennedy discusses privacy by design for business and technology with Dr. Ann Cavoukian, a pioneering expert in PbD. (23:48 min)

Episode 7: Eradicating the “Ick” Factor

Michelle Dennedy discusses usability for privacy design with data science Professor Nathan Good, of Good Research and the University of California at Berkeley, and attorney Sean Butler of Emergent Law. (25:48 min)

Episode 6: Data Mashups and Missteps

What Norwegian Death Metal, Food Pictures, and My Morning Commute Can and Cannot Tell You About Me. Michelle Dennedy discusses big data and privacy issues with Hal Stern, vice president of IT engineering at pharmaceutical giant Merck. (27:03 min)

Episode 5: Without My Consent

The fight against online harassment: a conversation with attorney Erica Johnstone, co-founder of the victim rights advocacy group Without My Consent. (24:55 min)

Episode 4: GDPR… Better Than a Poke in the Eye with a Sharp Stick

Harvey Jang and Lorena Marciano join Michelle to discuss implications of the EU Global Data Protection Regulation, affectionately known as GDPR. (20:08 min)

Episode 3: Who Needs Privacy Engineering?

How you engineer data privacy into your products and your organization’s culture with Jonathan Fox and Lisa Bobbitt. (22:23 min)

Episode 2: Dollars, Euros or Data… Is Information the New Currency?

Data valuation expert Robert Waitman joins Michelle Dennedy. (17:37 min)

Episode 1: On the Road to Trust and Data Privacy

Series debuts with Michelle Dennedy in conversation with John N. Stewart, SVP and Cisco Chief Security and Trust Officer. (25:46 min)