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Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection Program

Our Program

Protecting Cisco data—including customer, partner, and employee information—is everyone's responsibility.

Customer Program

The program was built based on addressing four strategic considerations.

  • Legal Obligations: In the event of a breach we can prove compliance with international regulatory requirements.
  • Risk Landscape: We need a clear understanding of risks and potential damage associated with a data breach.
  • Customer and Market Expectations: Address customer needs and general market conditions.
  • Competitive Differentiation: Differentiate Cisco from our competition based on the strength of our combined data protection, privacy, and security programs.

To address these considerations, we gathered input from all areas of our enterprise. We developed our guiding principle.

  • Involve the business
  • Take full advantage of what you have
  • Rapidly establish program and iterate

When building our Data Protection Program, these three core tenets shaped our work and helped us stay focused despite the complexities.

Data Protection is a lifestyle for Cisco. It’s part of our DNA. It’s like when someone eats healthy and exercises regularly in hopes of avoiding risks of illness or injury. We want to help ensure Data Protection is built into our culture and is a part of our daily work-lives, so we can avoid the risks of bad behaviors or breaches.

In addition to protecting data, Cisco focuses on the authorized use of personal data in our policies, processes, technology, and people interactions. Privacy Engineering (PE), built on the foundation of our secure development lifecycle, highlights personal data and its required controls and protections beginning with the initial concept of an offering, application, or product. PE then works through the offerings lifecycle to design, implement, verify, and operate as an authorized user of personal data.

How We Use Our Program

The Data Protection Program offers comprehensive, enterprise-wide tools, processes, and trainings that deliver on the promise that Cisco is a trusted company. We use the program to remain compliant with global policies and regulations imposed by government agencies. It also helps to ensure we are doing our due diligence to secure the data assets of our customer’s, partner’s and Cisco employees.

For more information, contact privacy@cisco.com.