Video Intelligence

Get More Out of Video

Get more out of live and recorded video, by extracting actionable information from video surveillance and intelligent analytics metadata.

Video has never been more pervasive in our daily lives. But how do we catalogue, organize, and search for and within videos to access relevant information?

Cisco Video Intelligence comprises the Cisco video technologies and services that can enable the extraction of relevant business data from the flood of video traversing enterprise and service provider networks.

Video Intelligence extracts relevant information from video in two main ways. First, it does so through technology such as automated video indexing and automatic keyword recognition from the audio within the video. Users can easily find the video and better see within the video to identify whether the video contains relevant data information and, if so, where that relevant information is located.

Second, Video Intelligence can translate audio information into visual information as well as data. Automating this process of object information recognition is another example of Video Intelligence at work.

Video as Data Information

Video Intelligence in the form of video analytics can make video as transparent and searchable as a text document. Through capabilities such as speaker recognition and automated keyword tagging, viewers can identify and jump to the parts of a video that are most relevant to them. Automated advertisement detection and insertion gives service providers unprecedented opportunities to turn video streams into profit centers.

Video as Object Information

Video Intelligence not only helps search and catalogue video; it can also be critical to safety and security. Video analytics can be used to identify and detect objects or behaviors, and quickly find video information related to incidents. The ability to quickly respond to real-time activities and events related to incidents, as well as quickly find, adapt, organize and manage multiple types of information together with video, creates additional layers of video intelligence.

Video intelligence in safety and security systems from Cisco are able to accomplish this through the use of video analytics, intelligent data. and video applications, significantly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of security operations and addressing a broad range of business needs.

Benefits of the Cisco Medianet Architecture

The Cisco Medianet architecture for video reduces total cost of ownership and scales video through features such as auto-configuration and media monitoring. At the same time, it helps to ensure a quality user experience while optimizing bandwidth use and efficiency.