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Cisco Webex Expert on Demand Solution Overview

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Updated:July 2, 2020

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Collaboration is a critical requirement for any frontline worker to efficiently solve problems and increase productivity. Cisco Webex® Expert on Demand delivers the power of collaboration by connecting the frontline worker to the entire enterprise, bringing our collaboration platform to challenging workspaces such a factory floors, rugged locations, healthcare facilities, and many other places. With Expert on Demand, frontline workers can instantly connect with remote experts through real-time video, enabling real-time guidance anytime. Expert on Demand allows teams to seamlessly share information, identify issues and solutions faster, increase frontline worker and machine productivity while lowering overall operating expenses by reducing travel and shipping requirements.

Frontline collaboration

Webex Expert on Demand uses Augmented Reality (AR) to increase the availability of your experts in the locations where you need them the most. From providing guidance to medical professionals to remote help for engineers on oil rigs, Expert on Demand provides real-time guidance to all frontline workers by enabling a full range of communication options:

     Make single or multi-party video calls

     View, share, and record real-time video feed

     Share content and documents with real-time annotation

Solution architecture overview

Secure video assistance collaboration, powered by Webex

Solution architecture overview

Solution capabilities

     Meet: Frontline workers can place a call to anyone from the Webex Teams recent contact list or company directory or ask for help in a Teams space. Experts in the space can reach out to the worker immediately.

     Multi-party call: Remote experts can initiate a multi-party call and add multiple guests to an active call with the frontline worker

     Complete security: Expert on Demand utilizes single sign-on, Active Directory Federation Services, multifactor authentication, and end-to-end data encryption

     First-hand capture: Frontline workers can capture images during a call and instantly share with an expert or in a Teams space

     Flexible: Remote experts can add multiple guests to an ongoing call with the front line

     Simple to use: Enjoy a voice-controlled, hands-free intuitive HD-ready experience

     Share easily: Screen and content sharing are natural. The remote expert can share content from their laptop screen wirelessly and frontline workers can view content being shared on the device display

     Video pinning: Frontline workers can stream their video to all experts as a shared screen. This is useful for when all remote experts need to see video feed from frontline workers, regardless of who is speaking.

     Content annotation: Frontline workers and experts can mark up captured images during an active call through in-build overlay annotation cursors and share the annotated image with each other.

ROI benefits

Faster time to resolution

     Frontline workers can access experts based anywhere in the world in real time to understand and identify potential issues

     Detailed real-time instructions provided by the remote expert help solve the issue much faster

     Experts can annotate real-time to help guide the frontline worker in resolving issues

Lower operation expenses

     Reduce remote expert travel expenses

     Optimize frontline worker productivity

     Increased equipment utilization drives overall output

Improve frontline employee experiences

     Increase worker safety with hands-free operations and early issue identification

     Empower frontline workers with enterprisewide communication and the right expert advice at the right time

     Shorten your frontline workers’ learning curve

How it works

Webex Expert on Demand is quick to set up and easy to use. Frontline workers can log in by scanning a QR code on the RealWear Companion mobile app. Using voice commands, the user can select a collaborator from recent contacts, a directory, or from Webex Team spaces. They can initiate a call or send an automated help message to the remote expert, prompting an immediate response for assistance. Experts receive the request through Webex Teams and have access to all the features Webex Teams provides, including annotation, screen sharing, documentation sharing, and recording.

How it works

Measurable impact


Measurable impact

Providing collaborative capabilities in the places you need it most

RealWear HMT-1

Reality-first, digital-second voice-activated collaboration headset

RealWear HMT-1

Device capabilities

     100% hands-free

     Full-shift internal battery

     Powerful audio with 4 mics and noise cancellation

     Performs at 95 dB

     Easy to view

     Large field of view (7 inches)

     Viewable in bright sunlight

     Ruggedized for any environment

     Water-resistant (IP66)


     Drop-proof (2 meters on concrete)

     Temperature-resistant (-20°C – +50°C)

     16 MP Camera and up to 1080p video

Main voice commands

     Sign out

     Page left/Page right

     Recent contacts


     Display teams

     Select item <item number>

     Search directory

     Search teams

     Request help (from selected team)

     Search members

     Make call

     Request help (from selected contact)

     Cancel call

     Additional commands available

The Cisco Webex Advantage

Cisco is recognized as a leader in video and web conferencing and unified communications, as well as security and networking. This leadership, combined with a full portfolio of Cisco Webex devices, gives you exceptional calling, meeting, and team collaboration experiences. Stay up to date on Webex Expert on Demand and the rest of the Webex portfolio. Visit the Webex Help Center to learn more.

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