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Cisco Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard Data Sheet

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Updated:March 16, 2021

Available Languages

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  • PDF
    (435.3 KB)
    View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Updated:March 16, 2021


Product overview

Cisco Webex® connects people with each other and their work, whether you are collaborating with partners or working with your own customers. Webex delivers highly secure, HIPAA-compliant, world-class messaging and meeting experiences from your pocket to the clinic, to optimize and modernize patient and provider experiences.

To meet the growing need for telemedicine, healthcare providers require solutions that integrate with their EHR platform and provide a seamless, simple to use experience for caregivers and patients. 

The Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic makes it easy for Epic customers to configure their Webex and Epic deployments to provide Webex-powered telehealth visits scheduled and launched right from within the various Epic provider and patient applications, both on the desktop and mobile with no additional application to download or install.

Webex Telehealth Experience

From within MyChart, patients are able to view their upcoming appointments and click on a link that will launch them into a browser-based telehealth visit.  While they’re waiting for the caregiver to join, they will have the opportunity to test their video, audio and speaker hardware.  On the provider side, from within Epic’s provider apps including Hyperspace, they simply click on the link for the scheduled visit and they too are launched into the browser-based video visit and are connected with the patient. 

Figure 1. Provider in the virtual lobby prior to starting a visit

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Confguring Epic to use Webex

Once the appropriate add-on to your Webex license has been provisioned, configuration is a simple process:

1. Login to the Webex healthcare solution portal at instant.webex.com using Webex administrator credentials. From this portal you will be provided a secret key and URL needed to complete the setup.

2. Login to your Epic environment and paste the secret key (CryptKey), URL (CryptURL), and Parameters (PatientOpenURL) into the respective fields in your Epic configuration within your FDI records for each Epic application you intend to use.

3. Create ‘Device Integration’ for each Epic application you intend to use.

4. Create an appointment type within Epic

5. Whitelist instant.webex.com

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Note: you can configure both production and non-production Epic environments. Include the /alpha/ parameter in your URL (CryptURL) to test and leverage pre-release features.

Going beyond the “Standard” experience

While we know Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard will meet the needs of many providers in a quick, easy and affordable manner, Cisco is actively developing additional capabilities that will be released in the next few months as part of a more feature-rich version.  See the Summary of features for a preview of what’s to come.

Summary of video call features – Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic



Browser based video visits

  Visits are all browser based, meaning no application to download or install
  Desktop browser support: Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), and Safari (latest)
  Mobile browser support: Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS

VoIP Audio

  All audio is VoIP based.  PSTN audio is not available at this time.

Multi-party visits

  Include up to 10 parties (providers and/or patients) in any video visit


  Providers and patients can share their screen with the patient, enabling sharing of documents, presentations or other visual information.

Audio & video controls

  Participants are able to mute and un-mute their audio and video. Users can also change their camera source.

Basic virtual waiting room

  Patient will be notified via an on-screen message when they’re waiting for a provider to join.

Pre-meeting check

  Users can test their audio and video connection to ensure a working camera, microphone, and speakers.

Change Layout

  Change the layout to Single, Prominent, and Grid view

View Meeting Information

  Providers can access Dial-in numbers, meeting numbers, Webex URLs, and SIP URIs that can be provided to non-Epic registered users

IT Support Feedback Loop

  Provide your IT support e-mail to Cisco via the instant.webex.com portal to allow providers to send a description of potential issues to the provided e-mail. This e-mail will include information to triage issues within Control Hub and additional information that will assist our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) to triage issues related to the video experience.


Preview of Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Enhanced

NOTE: while it is Cisco’s intention to release some or all of the functionality described in this preview section within the next 3 to 6 months, this is subject to change with respect to timing and content without notice.  Furthermore, this version comes at an additional upcharge from the Standard version.



Connection Status [Enhanced; Available Now]

  Notify the Epic that a patient is waiting, meeting has started and meeting ended

Image Capture [Enhanced; Roadmap]

  Provider can capture an image of patient view and automatically post to Epic EMR

Hardware Health Status [Enhanced; Roadmap[]

  Notify Epic when participants’ hardware is or is not working properly


Ordering information

The Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard requires provisioning of the A-FLEX-MTGBroker add-on which can be ordered in conjunction with any Webex Flex* agreement. 


PID description



Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard



Telehealth Connector for Epic Enhanced

$3.25 pupm

Ordering Quantity and User Counts – Standard: only one unit of the add-on needs to be ordered to entitle the deployment for all licensed users.  Furthermore, use of the Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard will not be reflected in any reports or metering related to active user or named user counts.

Ordering Quantity and User Counts – Enhanced: customers will be required to provide a figure totalling the amount of their Webex users that will be leveraging the Telehealth Connector for Epic Enhanced. Customer will be, either at the time of order or somepoint thereafter presented with additional license terms whereby they agree to keep usage to within their properly licensed quantities where one provider in a video visit equals one Webex host.  Patients are not included in these counts. Cisco may also add enforcement or metering of these users at some future point in time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is the Cisco Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic?  
A.  The Telehealth Connector is an integration into Epic’s EMR platform that enables users to conduct browser-based (web-RTC) video consultations directly in the healthcare providers Epic EMR portal. This is available as one to one or multiparty visits.  
Q.  What are the different versions of the Telehealth Connector and what features do they include?  
A.  Standard includes video meetings with screen sharing and scheduling integrated into the EMR portal.  This version is no-cost addition to Webex Flex licenses.  
Enhanced includes subscription-based video meetings integrate into the EMR portal and also includes the ability to monitor the lifecycle of the telehealth visit in Epic (when a patient and provider connect and disconnect). This version utilizes Epic’s APIs . The ability to take images of patients that can be saved in a patient’s electronic medical record, log data in the EMR, and update hardware function status in the EMR are future roadmapped items. This version utilizes Epic’s APIs.   
Q.  How is the Telehealth Connector different than other 3rd party Epic Context Aware integrations? 
A.  The Telehealth Connector is as purely webRTC (browser) based solution with no need to download plug-ins or native software. Meetings are also anonymous, and Cisco does not collect identity or other PHI (personal health information) of the patients. There are no Cisco site credential login requirements (such as on Webex) for patients as patients are considered anonymous guest users. Providers have the option to join as a guest or log in with their Webex credentials. Logging in with Webex credentials unlocks features that a guest user does not have. 
Q.  What are the supported browsers? 
A.  Supported browsers include :  
Desktop/Laptop: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge with Chromium Engine. Screen share functionality may vary depending on browser  
iOS Devices: Safari 
Android Devices: Chrome, Edge with Chromium Engine
Q.  Is the solution supported on mobile?  
A.  Yes the solution is supported on mobile browsers, screenshare is not supported on mobile 
Q.  How long will it take to implement the Cisco Webex Telehealth Connector for Epic Standard? 
A.  Typically, basic configuration takes 1-2 hours 
Q.  Who at Cisco is supporting this integration if there are technical issues with the video experience? 
A.  Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) supports this integration 
Q.  Does this solution work if Epic is run on a virtual desktop? 
A.  Cisco recommends that our customers redirect the calls to a local browser for the best video experience. Cisco is actively working with various virtual desktop vendors to standardize approaches for hosting calls directly within a virtual desktop environment.  
Q.  Are multi-party meetings supported? 
A.  Yes, if an Epic system supports scheduling calls with more than two parties then a multi-party visit can occur. Also, links can be copied and pasted from the address bar and manually conveyed to parties external to the Epic system. 

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