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Predictive Dialer and the Cisco Outbound Option

Predictive Dialer Helps Optimize Call Center Resources

The Cisco predictive dialer offers greater productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue potential.

Today's call centers do more than just handle inbound telephone calls-they deliver a fully integrated, multichannel customer interaction using outbound tools like the predictive dialer from Cisco.

Predictive Dialer Enhances Customer Satisfaction

Outbound communication using a predictive dialer is vital to companies that must optimize the use of their contact center resources. The Cisco predictive dialer gives call centers the ability to engage in complex outbound campaigns, maximize the use of skilled agents, and deliver rich call contact information to a best-in-class computer telephony integration (CTI) desktop.

Inbound Call-Handling Capabilities

The predictive dialer is a powerful component of the Cisco Outbound Option, a robust outbound call management solution that complements and optimizes the inbound call-handling capability of Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) Enterprise Edition and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Edition. This combination enables your business to:

  • Realize significant productivity gains
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenue potential

How Predictive Dialer Works

A predictive dialer monitors the answers to outbound calls, detecting how the calls are answered. It discards unanswered calls, engaged numbers, disconnected lines, and automated services, connecting to a live agent only when a call is answered by a person. As a result, the predictive dialer frees agents from spending time on unanswered calls and enables call centers to:

  • Ensure that call lists are prequalified without the need for an agent
  • Enable quick and efficient processing of call lists
  • Optimize available resources by dedicating fewer agents to handle far more calls
  • Process call lists more cost-effectively

As part of the Cisco Outbound Option, the Cisco predictive dialer manages contacts by continually adjusting the number of call originations needed per agent to achieve near 100-percent agent utilization.

Cisco Outbound Option Predictive Dialer: Features and Benefits

The Cisco Outbound Option predictive dialer is responsible for requesting campaign lists from the Outbound Option Campaign Manager. It places outbound calls, reserves agents, and classifies calls.

For Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, the IP-based predictive dialer places outbound calls through a voice gateway using Cisco Unified Communications Manager. For a traditional automatic call distributor (ACD) such as Avaya G3 and Avaya Multivantage, the Cisco Outbound Option places calls using Dialogic cards through the ACD.

In addition to the predictive dialer mode, the Cisco Outbound Option offers two other modes for outbound communications: preview dialing and progressive power dialing.

  • Preview dialing enables the dialer to first reserve or "lock" an agent by placing a phantom call which the agent can accept, skip, or cancel
  • Progressive power dialing enables campaign administrators to guarantee that an agent is available when a customer answers his or her phone

Other features associated with the Cisco Outbound Option and predictive dialer include the following:

  • Blended modes combine the power of the predictive dialer with the capacity to deliver both inbound and outbound calls to the same group of agents dynamically
  • Campaign management enables contact center managers to administer campaigns that leverage the predictive dialer by creating query rules and importing dialing lists
  • Personal callback allows an agent to customize the predictive dialer so that the time and date most convenient for the customer can be entered into the system

The benefits of using the Cisco Outbound Option and predictive dialer include:

  • The Outbound Option Dialer enhances call progress analysis by automatically detecting answering machines, and the predictive dialer can even detect a beep in the welcome message
  • Pre-recorded IVR campaigns can be accomplished by using the predictive dialer to play an automated message to a live caller or leave pre-recorded messages on answering machines
  • Higher call completion success rates can be achieved and nuisance calls nearly eliminated by setting the predictive dialer to eliminate numbers on the Do Not Call List
  • Integration with the Cisco CTI Option supports agents in blended mode by gathering call variables necessary to handle the call correctly, delivering customer information to the agent prior to an outbound call
  • Management of inbound and outbound calls within the same environment enables comprehensive reporting across the enterprise

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