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The All New Webex: Bringing People Together to Do Exceptional Work Solution Overview

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Updated:July 19, 2021

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Updated:July 19, 2021

Table of Contents



Agility is the new currency of business


      Drive productivity in your teams, and accelerate access to experts with feature-rich and easy-to-use collaboration tools

      Enhance business outcomes and increase employee satisfaction with magical meeting experiences

      Calling, meetings, messaging—all in one app—with your content and information in one place

      Keep work moving in meeting rooms with fully integrated Cisco Webex devices

      Keep your important information safe and secure with advanced security and compliance

You need tools that bring people together


Never before have we seen business innovation this rapid, and competition this intense. Businesses will rise and fall by the strength of the teams that fuel their agility. Collaboration often includes not only internal colleagues, but ecosystems of external experts and partners as well. To support your teams, you need tools that bring people together easily and enable them to work together productively. At the same time, you need to meet increasingly complex security and compliance requirements, which are key to keeping your information safe and secure. It’s time for you to look at the new team collaboration experience enabled by Webex.

The Webex App experience: calling, meetings, and messaging in one easy-to-use and secure app

Figure 1.            

The Webex App experience: calling, meetings, and messaging in one easy-to-use and secure app

The Webex App is your secure place for connecting and getting things done: call, meet, and message in one inclusive app. It’s an easy-to-use and powerful collaboration solution that keeps people and teamwork connected anytime, anywhere, on any device.

With the Webex App, you create secure virtual work spaces for everything, from completing short-term projects to solving longer-term business opportunities. Simplify day-to-day interactions with messaging and file sharing that can be enhanced with third-party app integrations for a seamless workflow. Increase productivity and engagement with real-time.

You can start calls instantly, have high-quality video meetings with screensharing at the touch of a button, and stay connected after. Express your ideas on digital whiteboards that colleagues can add to at any time. When teamwork flows into meeting rooms, bring the Webex experience with you. Just connect the app to a Webex device to start meetings wirelessly, share your screen, capture life-size whiteboard drawings, and more. That’s Webex moving all your work forward. Are you in?

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Everything is always right in one place

How it works: Key features and components

Calling: The Webex App includes native in-app voice and video calling capabilities to reach other users with a Webex App account and standards-based SIP endpoint users. These can be enhanced with comprehensive PBX calling features and Cisco IP phones when combined with one of our calling solutions, such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS), or Webex Calling.

Create messaging spaces to collaborate and keep work moving anytime: Bring everyone together easily and quickly in the Webex App. Enable everyone to see and share all the information they need to work together productively. Send messages, share files, and create or edit whiteboards securely, with one person or a group of people, both inside and outside your company. No account switching or loss of context. Everything is always right in one place.

Create interactive, inclusive and effective meeting expriences with Slido live polling and Q&A features

Figure 2.            

Create interactive, inclusive and effective meeting experiences with Slido live polling and Q&A features

Meetings built for teams: Meet face-to-face with everyone with a simple click to join from the Webex App. Use high-quality video meetings with screen sharing and annotation from any device. Take a pulse of the room using a diverse set of live polls or address critical questions using Slido. Intelligent features help you work smarter, including noise removal and speech enhancement, Webex Assistant for transcriptions and automatic note-taking, real-time translations from English to 100+ languages, and people insights for more context on your participants. Other advanced features such as breakout sessions, hard mute and hand raising help you deliver rich virtual training and teaching environments. And virtual backgrounds, gestures and reactions help you better express yourself in meetings in non-verbal ways.

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Reactions help you better express yourself in meetings

Express yourself non-verbally with reactions and gestures

Figure 3.            

Express yourself non-verbally with reactions and gestures

Magical experiences with Webex devices: The Webex App works seamlessly with Webex devices to give you the best possible video meeting and teamwork experiences. Simply connect the app to a Webex device to start meetings, share your screen, or even move calls if you need to change locations. And when you’re connected to the Webex Board, you can instantly save whiteboard drawings created on the touchscreen to share with others, no matter where they are. No complicated setup, cabling, or productivity disruption. Everything is compatible. Everything just works.

Integrate with other tools for an uninterrupted workflow: The Webex App delivers pre-built solutions with third-party applications from vendors such as Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Salesforce to deliver complete collaboration experiences. With Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Calendar integrations, you can view your meeting list right in the Webex App, making it easy to stay on top of your upcoming appointments and join meetings with push of a single button. New meetings are scheduled with ease, automatically including all the people you need and the join details. Further, users can share and edit files from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online right in the Webex App, eliminating app switching and file sprawl. Other integrations can be set up using the Webex App Hub to connect your teamwork in the app with the work happening in other tools such as Service Now, Trello, Asana, Salesforce, and Jira, shared during meetings can be easily reviewed by everyone later.

Interoperability for speed and convenience: In addition to the immersive experience delivered in the Webex App and on Webex devices, meeting participants can join Webex meetings from standards-based SIP video devices, right from their phones using a call-in number, or even Microsoft Skype for Business. And for meetings that happen outside of the app, you can easily join any standards-based SIP-compliant meeting.

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Pre-built solutions with third party applications

Webex Desk Pro integrated with the Webex App experience

Figure 4.            

Webex Desk Pro integrated with the Webex App experience

Enterprise-grade security: We keep your users and sensitive information safe, and provide extensive controls to help you configure and control your security policies. Protect messages, files, meeting artifacts and whiteboard drawings with end-to-end encryption. For added control, manage your own encryption keys on-premises. And we’ve taken the risk out of working with other companies. Your policies are in force, even when your employees are collaborating with others outside your company, through integration with your chosen DLP solution. And we help you secure your devices, as well as protect your user identities and access. Because being able to do more from a single app makes you more productive.

Simplify deployment with hybrid services: Webex Hybrid Services bridge cloud and on-premises services to smooth your transition to the cloud, while maximizing Return On Investment (ROI). These services include robust integrations with on-premises assets such as your calendar service, directory, calling system, conferencing resources, video devices, and more.

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Best possible calling, meeting, and messaging experiences

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Everyone gets all-in-one team collaboration

The Webex advantage

Webex is recognized as a leader in video and web conferencing and unified communications, as well as security and networking. This leadership, combined with a full portfolio of Webex devices, gives you the best possible calling, meetings, and messaging experiences.

Buying is simple

With a single Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan subscription, enable people to use industry-leading meetings and calling capabilities, combined with the enhanced messaging of the Webex App. Then, everyone gets all-in-one team collaboration. Learn more.

Start today

Break down communication barriers, ditch formality, and work securely with anyone, anywhere. Get the Webex App.

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