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Cisco Cloud Experience At-a-Glance

Networking Solutions Island of Content Event

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Updated:April 16, 2021

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Updated:April 16, 2021

Table of Contents



Product overview

Today’s rapidly changing digital landscape has accelerated the shift to the cloud. In a world where agility, flexibility, and anywhere-applications are essential for business survival, the cloud has become an essential technology. It makes it possible for businesses to access innovation from wherever and whenever they need.

However, the pace of innovation and cloud adoption has increased complexity. Modern applications are constructed of components with interdependencies that span multiple clouds and serve more locations and users. Distributed IT teams are struggling to secure and manage the necessary resources at the speed and scale the business requires, while seamlessly delivering the right connected experience for users.

Cisco can help you overcome these challenges. Our solutions unlock the potential of the cloud and power the digital experience. Cisco gives you the tools to accelerate your cloud operating model and application development with consistency and control, ensure application experience, connect multiple clouds, deliver zero-trust security, and support tomorrow’s workplace and workforce.

And we do this by providing the full-stack cloud observability and governance required to keep operations aligned with your business objectives through consistent corporate policies — regardless of your cloud provider, data center, SaaS applications, and data-center and colocation strategies. Cisco is the only vendor with proven solutions that deliver this cloud-neutral capability across the entire cloud stack.


Cisco’s cloud solutions deliver a connected experience that users love and empowers IT to accelerate their cloud operations to support business innovation. The benefits they offer include the following:

      Greater visibility and insights through full-stack observability from the physical infrastructure to the end-user experience

      Improved consistency of security, performance, and policy through intent-driven governance from the cloud to the user

      Freedom to choose the right cloud services and tools for your business and to change them when needed, through a vendor-agnostic approach

      Continued innovation through solutions that support today’s leading cloud ecosystem and constant thought leadership to help drive adaptability and evolution in the future

What it does

Cisco® cloud solutions improve your cloud experience by addressing application experiences, application and data security, IT operations, secure multicloud connectivity, and remote work.

Optimize your application experience

Ultimately, your users determine the success of your cloud strategy based on their application experience. The application is the interface of the business. You need to deliver quick access and an experience users love.

Cisco helps IT deliver consistent performance with full-stack observability from the application to the infrastructure, unlocking insights with AI-powered analytics. We enable closed-loop automation, proactively identifying and resolving issues to ensure that SLAs and business objectives are met. Key technologies such as Cisco’s AppDynamics® support application performance monitoring across any cloud or platform. Cisco ThousandEyes provides visibility into the end-to-end experience to rapidly troubleshoot any network issue. Cisco Nexus® Dashboard provides a single pane of glass to orchestrate and manage hybrid cloud networking, and Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer helps you maximize and automate price-to-performance investment decisions for your applications resources, helping you stay ahead of problems.

Secure your applications and data

Traditional methods of protecting the network perimeter from security threats don’t work for the cloud. As more of your business runs through multiple locations and across the most unregulated domain—the internet—you need to rethink your approach to security.

Cisco cloud-security solutions enable a true zero-trust model. We start at the device level with zero-trust technologies embedded in the infrastructure and enabled on the endpoints through Cisco Secure Endpoint. Then we deliver policy enforcement and segmentation through Cisco Secure Workload to protect each step in the journey from the cloud-service provider to your endpoints. Through solutions such as Cisco Umbrella Secure Internet Gateway (SIG), we wall off potentially malicious websites and traffic. And, through Cisco Secure Network Analytics, we continually evaluate the behavior of traffic to identify potential malicious behavior—even in encrypted traffic. While no solution can deliver 100-percent protection, we fight to stay abreast of the evolving threat landscape through our Talos® team and continuing thought leadership in application and cloud security.

Accelerate your cloud operating model

As your business transforms to digital, IT must shift to a cloud operating model—which is not easy. IT operations and infrastructure teams need to evolve and break down the organizational silos to help drive greater collaboration and consistency, accelerate innovation, and maintain control to minimize risk.

As a hybrid and multicloud enabler, Cisco can help enterprises establish a simplified and unified cloud operating model that enables all of IT to work as one across infrastructure and DevOps teams. Through the cross-functional scope and consistent telemetry of our SaaS-delivered solutions, organizations can reduce operational complexity, continuously optimize, and deliver applications faster across hybrid cloud.

Cisco Intersight, our cloud operations platform, can help to facilitate hybrid cloud operations, enabling teams to visualize, optimize, and orchestrate infrastructure and applications across public cloud and on-premises environments. Our Cisco Nexus Dashboard and Cisco Cloud Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) solutions provide additional support for hybrid cloud operations. And, of course, our Cisco Customer Experience (CX) organization can provide professional and consulting services to help you plan your migration.

Connect to multiple clouds

IT needs to harness multiple clouds at scale. In a rapidly changing environment with 50 percent of mission-critical applications moving to the public cloud, you need cloud-agnostic solutions to maintain choice and control while taming growing complexity.

Cisco can help you navigate this complexity with solutions that automate much of the multicloud connectivity to simplify your operations. We offer visibility across public and private networks to ensure that Service-Level Objectives (SLOs) are met and issues are resolved efficiently. Cisco Cloud Application Centric Infrastructure provides automated network connectivity, consistent policy management, and simplified operations for hybrid and multicloud environments. Our software-defined network solutions integrate natively with cloud providers’ networks, offering secure connectivity and optimized performance between users, branches, data centers, and public clouds. Our Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp simplifies connectivity to one or more clouds from the branch through internet, interconnect providers, or even co-location environments. Our Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator (MSO) enables automated and secure interconnect provisioning, consistent policy enforcement for on-premises sites and the public cloud or cloud-to-cloud, and simplified operations for end-to-end visibility accessible through our Nexus Dashboard. And our Cisco Umbrella SIG acts as a gateway between disparate clouds and ensures that users access the right sites and block potentially dangerous sites. Together these technologies enable a path to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Power the future of work

In 2020, the world made a seismic shift in the way we work. Your organization needs to support a workforce that could now work from anywhere with an internet connection. And your workplace faced new challenges to ensuring a safe environment. The cloud played a huge role in supporting this overnight transformation.

Cisco can help you adapt to this new world. Our Cisco Remote Network Workforce Solutions can provide the remote connectivity tools your employees need to access to remain productive—even when you don’t control the infrastructure. And when your employees are in the office, our Trusted Workplace tools help ensure that your capability and physical plant remain safe for employees.

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For more information about the Cisco cloud portfolio and our ability to be your strategic partner, click any of the links above. Click here to read a more in-depth white paper. Or contact Cisco for a demonstration to see our cloud expertise in action.




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