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Updated:May 16, 2021

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Updated:May 16, 2021

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It’s the year of the multicloud, as organizations have realized the demand for business agility due to the disruption and uncertainty caused by the global pandemic. Public clouds are cost-effective and scalable, but some workloads require the increased security offered by private clouds or on-premises platforms. A hybrid multicloud can help enterprises achieve higher performance, availability, and security, all while providing a seamless experience and reducing costs. This is why, according to IDC, more than 90% of enterprises will be using a mix of private and public clouds and legacy platforms.1

On-demand, scalable cloud models can enable cost efficiency and business continuity while accelerating digital business transformation. But connecting to the cloud requires a strategic approach to building the cloud that’s right for your needs, and managing multiple cloud environments can be complicated, resulting in cloud lock-in and cloud creep that increase costs and reduce visibility, security, and compliance.

You need support along your cloud journey to address these challenges and speed adoption with a firm strategy. You want an environment where multiple clouds work together seamlessly and applications can be easily deployed and managed, while maintaining consistent interoperability and end-to-end security. And you don’t just want a multicloud, you need the precise mix of public and private clouds with on-premises IT that is right for your business. You also want data security and greater insights into your multicloud environment, and you need to address in-house cloud skills gaps.

Cisco® can help.

“By 2022, over 90% of enterprises worldwide will be relying on a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs.”2

1 IDC, March 2020
2 IDC, March 2020


      Navigate your unique cloud to path success with support from the industry leaders

      Develop a sound strategy for a hybrid multicloud built for your needs

      Align your cloud solution with your business and technical requirements

      Achieve actionable outcomes

      Accelerate time to market

The Cisco cloud solution

A truly cloud-agnostic partner, Cisco is uniquely placed to help customers resolve challenges with multicloud. We align our multicloud approach to five areas supported by leading Cisco technologies and the expert guidance of Cisco Customer Experience (CX):






Deliver the future of work with a safe and trusted workplace for office and remote workers while enabling a secure, comprehensive collaboration experience across the workforce to ensure business continuity through change.

Continually deliver a consistent experience, across any network, with visibility from the application to the infrastructure and actionable insights from AI-powered analytics. Our modern, cloud-native application platform provides visibility and insights for the network using ThousandEyes, infrastructure using Cisco Intersight, and applications using AppDynamics®.

Gain a simplified, unified solution to keep your workplace, workforce, and workloads secure with SecureX, our integrated and open platform for zero-trust cloud security and breach defense. The SecureX dashboard provides unified, holistic visibility and automation across security capabilities to protect your multicloud.

Easily connect to and consume cloud by implementing multidomain architecture designed to simplify and securely connect any device to any cloud. Cisco’s leading SD-WAN, Umbrella® Secure Internet Gateway, and Cloud ACI solutions integrate natively with cloud provider networks for secure connectivity and optimized performance.

Establish a simplified, unified cloud operating model that breaks down silos across IT teams. Our model is powered by Cisco Intersight to enable intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration of apps and infrastructure across public and on-premises cloud environments. This allows you to achieve operational consistency and automation to support legacy and modern apps.

CX Services for Cloud

Cisco CX can guide you through cloud strategy, design, and implementation as well as help ensure you can successfully secure, connect, and operate your multicloud—all while reducing risk, maintaining compliance, and delivering insights throughout the lifecycle to help increase time to value.

Choose Business Critical Services for continuous expert guidance across the multicloud or hybrid cloud lifecycle—from strategy, design, and implementation to testing and optimization—or turn to our Cloud Advisory Services or Multicloud Foundation Service for project-based needs.

CX can help enable your cloud success with services in areas including but not limited to:

Cloud Plan

Cloud Design

Cloud Implement

Cloud Optimize

  Cloud readiness assessment
  Strategy and business alignment
  Cloud selection and roadmap
  Architecture and design
  Cloud security design
  Automation and orchestration
  Deployment and migration
  Continuous Automation and Integration Testing
  Day 2 support
  Analytics-driven guidance
  Issue remediation

Business Critical Services for Cloud

Cisco Business Critical Services provide expert guidance powered by analytics, insights, and automation to assist you throughout the lifecycle, wherever you are in your cloud journey. Gain Cisco expertise to advise you throughout the cloud journey to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

      Align strategies based on your business vision with our expert guidance to help identify the best private, public, and hybrid cloud mix for you.

      Deploy and migrate applications and workloads with confidence by having Cisco expert guidance on your side to assist with implementation strategy, testing, and validation.

      Ensure successful, secure multicloud connectivity with our design and testing expertise.

      Address security and threat management concerns throughout the lifecycle.

      Get the visibility you need to make informed decisions and continually optimize your multicloud and accelerate your cloud success.

With proven experience in cloud change management and cloud-ready operating models, our experts are ready to help ensure your multicloud is built for you to achieve your desired outcomes. Learn more

Multicloud Foundation Service

Cisco Multicloud Foundation Service integrates Cisco hardware and software, public cloud providers, and third-party software to deliver a multicloud solution stack that is production-grade, easily deployable, scalable, and supports essential multicloud use cases. This service helps you:

      Move applications from on-premises to public cloud SaaS and cloud-native environments.

      Run containerized applications on-premises or in the public cloud.

      Deliver application and workload management (including application monitoring, deployment, and cost optimization).

      Deploy IT policies to reduce risk.

      Manage software application development and testing using CI/CD tools.

Our service supports implementation of some of the most common multicloud use cases, from IT as a Service (ITaaS) and DevOps, application and workload management, and multicloud networking to cloud migration, governance and security, and high availability and disaster recovery. Additional add-on use cases are also available based on your needs, such as application segmentation, performance and infrastructure optimization, application-first security, and AIOps. With this service, you can simplify and transform your application experience, accelerate multicloud adoption, and reduce security risk.

Learn more

Cloud Advisory Services

The key to the success of any project is proper planning. Cloud Advisory Services help you create a cloud roadmap that uses a phased approach with measurable milestones to help optimize potential, encourage agile practices, and achieve value at each step along the way. Our experts help you:

      Conduct strategy alignment to help maximize the impact of your cloud services.

      Evaluate private, public, and hybrid cloud options across infrastructure, applications, security, and operations to identify the multicloud aligned with your needs.

      Implement a target business operating model with recommendations for cloud operations.

Throughout the engagement, we provide recommendations for governance, security, and compliance, as well as identify KPIs for the business value of cloud. Our services help accelerate time to market while aligning with your strategy and requirements, reducing risk, and simplifying the cloud journey.

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