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Cisco 8000 Series Routers

A new class of routing for the next decade

Cisco 8000 Series Routers are cloud-enhanced systems powered by groundbreaking Cisco Silicon One™ ASICs. These systems deliver the routing performance and functionality that scale to meet the speed of business required by critical infrastructures.


Performance for the next decade

The Cisco 8000 Series Routers are the first routers in the industry that have the ability to redefine the economics of the Internet. They provide breakthrough density and massive scale, building the foundation of a new network for the next decade.

  • 400G optimized platforms that scale from 10.8 Tbps to 260 Tbps.
  • Design flexibility with up to 648 port configurations that support 100G or 400G throughput.
  • Distinguished from System-on-Chip (SoC) designs by supporting full routing functionality on a single ASIC.
  • Fully featured carrier-grade routing platform delivering unmatched density, performance, scalability, and buffering.

Simplified operations

The Cisco 8000 Series Routers provide massive capacity in high density designs allowing service providers to reduce operational footprint and evolve to more efficient network architectures.

  • Cloud-enhanced design for easier integration with orchestration and management tools.
  • Common architecture and designs across modular and fixed routers provide topological regularity, scalability, and operational simplicity.
  • Real-time telemetry feeds for improved network visibility and control.
  • New fabric-based architectures for easy scale out and higher resiliency.

Proactive security

The Cisco 8000 Series Routers enhance security by enabling you to measure, audit, verify, and enforce the trustworthiness of your critical infrastructure.

  • A hardware root of trust based on the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and IEEE 802.1 AR standards.
  • Cisco Chip Protection that monitors the fingerprints of the physical components to validate that no counterfeit items have been introduced to the unit.
  • Every software image you download from Cisco is cryptographically signed using private keys.
  • All Cisco 8200 routers are FIPS 140-2 Level 2 compliant and support advance security features to ensure platform and OS integrity.

Award winning innovation

Cisco 8000 Series Routers earn the Best of Show Award, Grand Prize for Network Infrastructure at Interop Tokyo 2020.

Product series

Cisco 8200 Series Routers

The Cisco 8200 Series is the ideal system for deployment into power- and space-constrained facilities such as colocation, content delivery networks (CDNs), Internet exchange points, or legacy central office sites.

Cisco 8800 Series Routers

The Cisco 8800 Series delivers breakthrough density up to 260 Tbps using 648 400 GbE ports and enables greater savings by reducing the number of routers required in a given location – potentially removing entire layers from a network.

8201 Router

  • Chassis Form: Fixed
  • Bandwidth: 10.8 Tbps
  • Ports:
    24 QSFP56-DD 400 GbE;
    12 QSFP28 100 GbE
  • Height: 1 RU

8202 Router

  • Chassis Form: Fixed
  • Bandwidth: 10.8 Tbps
  • Ports:
    12 QSFP56-DD 400 GbE;
    60 QSFP28 100 GbE
  • Height: 2 RU

8808 Router

  • Chassis Form: Modular
  • Bandwidth: 115.2 Tbps
  • Ports & Line Cards:
    48 QSFP28 100 GbE with MACsec;
    36 QSFP56-DD 400 GbE
  • Height: 8 slots / 16 RU

8812 Router

  • Chassis Form: Modular
  • Bandwidth: 172.8 Tbps
  • Ports & Line Cards:
    48 QSFP28 100 GbE with MACsec;
    36 QSFP56-DD 400 GbE
  • Height: 12 slots / 21 RU

8818 Router

  • Chassis Form: Modular
  • Bandwidth: 259.2 Tbps
  • Ports & Line Cards:
    48 QSFP28 100 GbE with MACsec;
    36 QSFP56-DD 400 GbE
  • Height: 18 slots / 33 RU


Modernized network operating system

The Cisco 8000 Series Routers utilize the new IOS XR7 operating system (OS) platform to simplify operations for users and help reduce complexity.

  • Reduce OPEX with customization based on the features you need without forcing a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Ease the delivery and deployment thanks to new powerful install procedures.
  • Facilitate integration to orchestration and management tools thanks to a wide variety of open APIs.

Next generation silicon design

Cisco Silicon One provides the performance and efficiency of switching with the scale, buffering, programmability, and carrier-class features of routing.

  • More than twice the network bandwidth in a single ASIC than any other routing silicon.
  • Delivers consistent features, services, and telemetry across network roles, including full-featured router-on-a-chip, line-card network processor, or fabric element in a modular router.

Cisco 8000 Series in action

Core label switched routing

Service providers can transform their network into a high-performance bandwidth efficient IP routing platform that meets any capacity constraints needed.

Web scale cloud aggregation

Web scale providers can now aggregate higher rates of encrypted data center traffic to connect services with consumers and peering points to meet increasing bandwidth demands.

The support you need

Cisco Customer Experience offers a wide range of services to help accelerate your success for adopting, deploying, and optimizing the Cisco 8000 Series Routers. Innovation, expertise, and quality services are coupled with advanced analytics, automation, and security to help bridge the talent gap, manage risk, deliver excellence, and differentiate your services with a unique customer experience.

Our comprehensive portfolio of services enables you to get more value from your technology investments, faster.

Flexible consumption options

The Cisco Flexible Consumption Payment Plan allows you to add port capacity with programming changes instead of hardware upgrades reducing implementation time and providing cost savings. Reduce the time spent reacting to network growth and get ahead of it with proactive solutions that scale before and with growth; not after it. Cisco Capital makes it easier to get the right technology to achieve your objectives, enable business transformation, and help you stay competitive.

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