A simple, modern, and trustworthy network operating system

Reduce operational complexity with the new modernized Cisco IOS XR, which delivers greater modularity, a simplified networking stack, and cloud-enhanced automation for improved network programmability.

Features and benefits


IOS XR helps simplify your network with a flexible, modular design that uses less memory, boots up faster, and can be loaded into a core or access-level device. A single operating system (OS) across the network will streamline the operational work for engineers, which frees them up to work on your revenue generating tasks.


Use your modern network OS to give control and power back to your engineers. Integrated streaming telemetry data increases network visibility and allows engineers to use Open APIs to build proactive policy responses to network events keeping clients happy. Engineers can also use the data to build better capacity exhaustion models giving them more control over CAPEX and OPEX budgets.


IOS XR is an advanced network OS that can help improve network security. A tamper-resistant, self-check process begins before the CPU is allowed to boot and offers significant protections against compromises to the hardware and firmware. IOS XR guards against malicious actors and exploitation bugs through an advanced signing technology and multiple runtime defenses, including Integrated Measurement Architecture (IMA).


IOS XR’s modularity and application hosting infrastructure allows customers to deploy on power efficient platforms and reduces the need for additional compute resources. Its programmability minimizes the need for operator intervention during set-up and operation, reducing onsite operations.

IOS XR Network OS supported platforms

IOS XR brings proven history, best-in-class routing protocols, and greater network control to routing platforms from the edge to the core.

Automate operations and mitigate risks with Cisco Crosswork Cloud

IOS XR is designed to benefit from enhanced real-time analytics and operational insights delivered directly from Cisco Crosswork Cloud. Automated software pre-qualification and cloud-based test procedures reduce implementation time frames while expanded trust insights and BGP route table monitoring prevent hijacking and help improve security.

Pay only for what you use

With a simple and flexible pay-as-you-grow model, you purchase network capacity only when you need it. Whether it’s increased demand or an opportunity to launch a new premium service, flexible consumption is there to streamline your capacity activation.

Flexible deployment, services, and green initiatives

Cisco Smart Licensing

A flexible and secure licensing model that provides an easier and more consistent way to purchase and manage software.


Solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime with Cisco CX services.

Network and the environment

Transform your network and join Cisco on the journey to a sustainable and inclusive future.

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