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Deploy an Innovative Architecture

Power your routers with Cisco's self-healing, distributed operating system.

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What Is Cisco IOS XR?

Cisco IOS XR Software is a modular and fully distributed network operating system for service provider networks. Cisco IOS XR:

  • Creates a highly available, highly secure routing platform
  • Distributes processes across the control, data, and management planes with their own access controls 
  • Delivers routing-system scalability, service isolation, and manageability
  • Supports network and service convergence while providing investment protection 

Software Releases

Cisco IOS XR 5.1x

The latest release continues to deliver a continuous system operation combined with service flexibility and higher performance.

Highlighted Features

Cloud Scale Networking

Discover Cloud-Scale Networking Software Innovations powered by IOS XR grounded on these 3 pillars: evolved networking stack, self-driving networks, and platform for innovation.

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