Cisco Network Convergence System 5500 Series


Cloud scale for WAN aggregation

The Network Convergence System (NCS) 5500 Series offers industry-leading density of routed 100 GE ports for high-scale WAN aggregation. It is designed to efficiently scale between data centers and large enterprise, web, and service provider WAN and aggregation networks.

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Features and benefits


High performance and high capacity

Get up to 288 100-Gbps ports at up to 28 Tbps in one-third of a rack.



The NCS 5500 Series offers redundant route processors, fabric, and power.


Low power consumption

The NCS 5500 Series uses only approximately 0.3 watt per 1 Gbps.


WAN aggregation solution

This programmable, dense, high-capacity, and modular series runs the latest version of Cisco IOS XR Software and supports segment routing, advanced forwarding feature sets, and programmable network management.


Solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime. 


Cisco Evolved Programmable Network

Optimize your network to create an Evolved Programmable Network with open, elastic, and application-centric infrastructure.

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