Image of the Cisco NCS-57D2-18DD Router

Cisco Network Convergence System 5700 Series

High performance. Highly flexible.

Build a flexible service provider, cloud, or WAN network that scales with ease with Cisco Network Convergence System (NCS) 5700 line cards and routers.

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Support your network as it grows—now and into the future

Get flexibility and scale with NCS 5700 line cards and routers, and investment protection through 400G and segment routing.

Scale into the future

Scale and grow as needed, with flexible port configurations from 1G to 400G and available 2.4 to 9.6 Tbps per slot line cards.

Deliver unprecedented service agility

Give your users the experience they crave. Put all services onto a single infrastructure and use segment routing for end-to-end granular traffic control.

Protect your investment, get more value

Make the most of your investment with backward compatibility, a flexible pay-as-you-grow model, and Cisco IOS XR throughout your network. That means growth that lasts—and scales when you need it to.

Get sustainable faster

Speed up your journey to environmental sustainability with seamless integration of complex networking infrastructure and services.

Discover the NCS 5700 for all your network needs.

Illustration of the IOS XR on a monitor next to Cisco Router

Modernized IOS XR network operating system

Simplify user operations with NCS 5700 Series Routers that use IOS XR and management tools with open APIs.

Image of the Cisco NCS 5700 Series Routers

Find the model that works for you

Address growing network traffic with mass-scale networks offering fixed units and flexible line card configurations, with high-density 400G interface ports.

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  • Up to 2.8 Tbps capacity
  • 8 x 10/25/50 and 2 x 400 GE, 2 MPA
  • Class B & C and MACsec


  • 7.2 Tbps capacity
  • 30 x 200/100 GE or 18 x 400 GE
  • Class B


  • 9.6 Tbps capacity
  • 24 x 400 GE
  • Class B


  • Up to 3.6 Tbps capacity
  • 36 x 100 GE
  • Class B


  • Up to 4.8 Tbps capacity
  • 24 x 100 and 6 x 400 GE or 24 x 100 and 12 x 200/100 GE
  • Class C and MACsec


  • Up to 2.4 Tbps capacity
  • 32 x 1/10/25, 16 x 1/10/25/50, and 2 x 400/100/40 GE
  • Class B & C and MACsec

NCS 57B1-6D24-SYS, NCS 57B1-5DSE-SYS

  • 4.8 Tbps capacity
  • 24 x 100 and 6 x 400 GE
  • ZR/ZR+ support
  • Class C and MACsec


  • 2.4 Tbps capacity
  • 48 x 25 and 8 x (or 4 x) 100 GE, 3 x MPA
  • 1G and ZR/ZR+ support
  • Class C and MACsec

NCS 57C1-48Q6-SYS

  • 2.4 Tbps capacity
  • 32 x 25, 16 x 50, 4 x 400, and 2 x 400 GE
  • 1G and ZR/ZR+ support
  • Class C and MACsec


  • 7.2 Tbps capacity
  • 2 x 400 and 16 x 400 GE or 64 x 100 GE
  • ZR/ZR+ support
  • Class C and MACsec

Enhance your network

Cisco DDoS Edge Protection

Keep attack traffic off your network by using your access, aggregation, and peering edge routers as the first line of defense against DDoS attacks.

Transform with optics

Simplify and save with innovations in photonics CMOS processes, PAM4, and coherent pluggables.

Enjoy flexible deployment

Cisco Capital

Get the Cisco technology you need to transform, simplify, and grow right now with flexible payment options to fit your budget.

CX services

Fix things faster. Enjoy extraordinary efficiency. And reduce your risk of downtime—all with Cisco Customer Experience (CX) services.

Invest in sustainability initiatives


Where sustainability and technology meet

Transform your network to join us on the journey to a sustainable, inclusive future.


Cisco Refresh

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Cisco Takeback and Reuse Program

Ready to return end-of-use Cisco hardware? We're ready to pick it up. Safe, secure, sustainable.

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