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Updated:April 26, 2021

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Updated:April 26, 2021


Customer experience is more important than ever

The internet and applications aren’t going anywhere. But customers are going wherever they can get the best experience. As customer interactions move deeper into the digital realm and customer loyalty becomes increasingly fleeting, perceptions of your digital experience have quickly become mission-critical.

Your customers’ satisfaction is the IT outcome that matters most, which means your business hinges on digital experience. But enterprises don’t have the solutions necessary to consistently and efficiently ensure high-quality digital interaction. As companies increasingly evolve toward digital businesses, it places enormous strain on enterprise IT teams responsible for infrastructure, networks, and services they don’t own or control. Yet, this is precisely where poor performance is most likely to impact employee productivity, customer experience, revenue, and brand reputation.

Cisco® ThousandEyes gives you the power to successfully address those visibility and control challenges to improve digital experience for your customers and employees. ThousandEyes enables enterprises to see and manage performance of their cloud installations, internet connections, WAN, and software as a service (SaaS) through a single pane of glass. It provides this end-to-end visibility and cross-layer performance correlation by deploying software agents in points of presence (POP) and enterprise edge devices.

Customer experience is more important than ever


     Gain maximum value from current and future digital experience product investments

     Bridge the skills gap with specialized talent who bring multi-tenancy, best-practice guidance across verticals

     Experience seamless and agile implementation with predictable timelines, reducing deployment time from months to days

     Get up-and-running quickly with all-in-one product configuration and installation and a baseline dashboard for quick time-to-value realization

     Reduce risks, accelerate innovation, and speed through common obstacles while aligning your digital experience strategy and business objectives with Cisco ThousandEyes

     Leverage expert guidance on selecting the right ThousandEyes services to suit your specific needs

     Complete tasks right the first time via the help of seasoned experts with diverse experience in implementation planning and execution

     Take full control of your ThousandEyes solution with as-built documentation and knowledge transfer from Cisco experts

Achieve proactive visibility with expert implementation services

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Cisco helps you successfully address visibility challenges with Cisco ThousandEyes Implementation Services. You get expert help implementing a digital experience monitoring solution based on your unique needs. Now you can leverage proactive visibility into the delivery of web applications across all the networks that impact your business. Use ThousandEyes capabilities to baseline and benchmark critical services and applications to optimize your customer and employee digital experience.

ThousandEyes combines a variety of active and passive monitoring techniques to give you deep insight into user experience across your applications and services delivered over the internet. Real-time network and public internet visibility pinpoints application experience problems via a global network of agents across cloud, enterprise, and endpoints.

ThousandEyes focuses on three key use cases that visualize user experience across networks and applications: customer digital experience, employee digital experience, and WAN experience.

Cisco understands enterprises are challenged by complex management in today’s increasingly expansive and multifaceted environment. That’s why our experts can set you up with endpoint agent installation guidance and enterprise agent configuration, as well as Internet Insights configuration, based on what’s needed for your particular operations.

Implement your digital experience with confidence

When you partner with Cisco for the implementation of your ThousandEyes solution, you get access to seasoned experts with diverse implementation experience. Leverage rapid implementation for faster time to actionable value, all done accurately the first time via best-practice guidance spanning:

     Implementation plan and execution

     Project management

     Agent, test, alert, dashboard, report, and label planning, creation, and instrumentation

     Organizational settings configuration

     Planning and data collection

     As-built documentation

     Knowledge transfer

And you can manage it all through a single pane of glass for quick and easy visibility and control.

From increasing remote work to surges in home shopping and digital commerce, the pace of change across industries is accelerating. More than ever, the internet has become a critical lifeline for billions of people worldwide. Your IT teams must be ready to meet the evolving needs of your customers and satisfy fast-growing demand for the ultimate customer experience. Cisco is ready to assist you with the smooth, expert, and efficient plan and implementation of ThousandEyes to help ensure high-quality digital experiences.

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