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Cisco Cloud Unfiltered Podcasts

Hosted by Ali Amagasu and Pete Johnson, Cloud Unfiltered is a series of interviews with the people who are working to move cloud technology and implementation forward.

Episode 108: Intro New Hosts

Come join us for this bittersweet, transitional episode of Cloud Unfiltered as Ali Amagasu says "Goodbye!" to the podcast and introduces new hosts, Michael Chenetz and Andrew Horrigan! Although we're sad to see her go, rest assured - Michael and Andrew are excited to take over this influential and engaging program.

Episode 107: Tolga Tarhan, Rackspace

Are VMs becoming obsolete? Tolga says they are, and explains his viewpoint in this episode. He also does a deep dive on serverless, touches on cloud lock-in, and discusses how to avoid common pitfalls companies make when moving to the cloud.

Episode 106: Luca Relandini, Cisco

Luca started a Multicloud Software User Group in Italy. Hear him explain what he did right, what he would do differently, and how he's getting the group through remote meetups during the pandemic.

Episode 105: Eric Kedrosky, Sonrai Security

If you’re an info security professional, this episode is for you. We talk about the proliferation of non-human identities in the cloud, how they get out of control, and what to do so they don’t open your IT environment to malicious actors.

Episode 104: Emil Sayegh

One of the pioneers of cloud computing talks about what is happening in terms of cloud technology right now, and what's on the horizon in the next few years.

Episode 103: Priyanka Sharma

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation recently named a new GM! In this episode we find out who she is, what her plans are for the Foundation, and where Dan went.

Episode 102: John Heintz, Cisco

Looking to take a more holistic approach to cloud security? Check out episode 102 to hear what John Heintz has to say about what Cisco Stealthwatch can do.

Episode 101: Tyler McMullen, Fastly

What do you know about WebAssembly? Have you thought about how it might be used outside the browser? Tyler McMullen has—and in this episode he explains why he’s excited about it.

Episode 100: Paul Sonderegger, Oracle

Ever get the feeling you might not be getting all the value you can out of the data your company generates? Find out how to tap in to the Hidden Data Economy with Paul Sonderegger.

Episode 99: Dominik Tornow, Cisco

In the “kitchen sink” episode we talk about microservices, Kubernetes, Knative, serverless, and more!

Episode 98: Fabio Gori, Cisco

Growth in the number and complexity of applications over the next few years will require radical change from both a technological and organizational perspective. Where do you start?

Episode 97: Ell Marquez and Christophe Limpalair, Linux Academy

There is always something to learn in our industry. Christophe and Ell are from the Linux Academy, and they discuss who they teach, how they teach, and which courses are most popular these days.

Episode 96: Guy Podjarny and Gareth Rushgrove, Snyk

Agile development methods have put application security squarely in the hands of developers—whether they want it or not. How do you embed security into the development process?

Episode 95: Idit Levine, solo.io

Ready to learn more about service mesh? Why you’d want to use it and what it’s limitations are? Then sit back, relax, and absorb everything Idit Levine has to say on the subject.

Episode 94: Matt Creager, Manifold

Can you really avoid cloud lock-in? Why is cloud workload portability important? And what does the Manifold marketplace-as-a-service do? Matt covers this and more in Episode 94.

Episode 93: Tobi Knaup, D2iQ

Tobi Knaup talks about his company’s move into #Kubernetes, their rebranding, his opinion on the cattle v. pets analogy as it applies to K8s, and so much more.

Episode 92: Dr. Jennifer Akullian, Growth Coaching Institute

Do you find yourself extremely stressed at conferences? Do you wonder if there's anything you can do about it? Find out in this episode featuring Dr. Jennifer Akullian, psychologist and featured speaker at KubeCon 2019.

Episode 91: Bill Mulligan, Loodse

We all know the cattle vs. pets analogy as it applies to servers, but could it happen with your Kubernetes clusters? It can, and in this episode Bill explains what to do about it.

Episode 90: Ian Tibble, Security Consultant

What do you really need to worry about when moving to the cloud and what's just not worth your time? In this episode, cloud security specialist Ian Tibble explains.

Episode 89: Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation

If IoT is your sweet spot, you’re already aware of RTOS and Zephyr. If you’re not, now’s the time to find out why they’re important and what they enable.

Episode 88: Praveen Seshadri, AppSheet

Praveen runs a company that allows regular people to build applications without writing a single line of code. In this episode we’ll talk about how it works, who it’s good for, and what problems it solves.

Episode 87: William B. Norton, Network Optimized Internet Architecture (NOIA)

William is the co-founder of NOIA (Network Optimized Internet Architecture) and he has some really interesting things to say about what they're doing to make the network smarter and ultimately faster.

Episode 86: Chris Aniszczyk, CNCF and Phil Estes, IBM

Hear CNCF CTO Chris Aniszczyk and IBM Distinguished Engineer Phil Estes talk about containerd and fluentd graduating, the mini VM movement, the FaaS on Kubernetes movement, and the contributions to CNCF coming from China.

Episode 85: Vijoy Pandey, Cisco

Cisco Cloud CTO Vijoy Pandey on the four phases of automation, the gap between public and private cloud functionality, the future of serverless, and what role Cisco technologies play in it all.

Episode 84: Nick Gottlieb, Serverless, Inc.

The Serverless Framework open source project had 150K downloads in 2016, and 3.9 million in 2018. Something must be going on. We talk about it with Nick Gottlieb on this week’s episode.

Episode 83: Meenakshi Kaushik, Cisco

Cisco introduced its container cluster management platform a year ago, and since then the product has evolved in a big way to meet the needs of a growing (and apparently vocal) customer base. Tune in to hear all about the new features, the release cadence, the typical use case, and more!

Episode 82: Sebastien Morissette, Intact Financial Group

In this interview, Sebastien explains how he successfully implemented a sweeping data center overhaul initiative with a $0 budget (to start) and a little help from Cisco. He tells us what inspired it, how he got executives on board, how he enticed users to try the new environment, and which technologies were key to the transformation.

Episode 81: Jonathan King, World Wide Technology

What do Cisco cloud initiatives look like from a partner's point of view? Find out this week when Jonathan King of World Wide Technology (one of our largest partners) chats with us about multicloud adoption, Kubernetes penetration, serverless technologies, the new Cisco certification program, and his own company's cloud services strategy.

Episode 80: Bekah Hawrot Weigel

Why would you leave a perfectly good career as an English professor and start over again as a programmer? Bekah explains on this week’s episode.

Episode 79: Scott Ford, Chef Software

As a distinguished architect at Chef Software, Scott is up to his neck in the business of IT automation. Hear what he has to say about digital transformation, The Phoenix Project, the end of Windows 2008 support, and more.

Episode 78: Jeff Aden, 2nd Watch

How do you make the right decisions about moving to the cloud when there are over half a million SKUs in AWS alone? Jeff Aden of 2nd Watch explains.

Episode 77: Javed Sikander, NetEnrich, Inc.

Moving to the cloud? Curious about which platforms other companies are using and what problems they’re running into most commonly? Hear what the CTO of an MSP has to say about it.

Episode 76: Simon Crosby, SWIM.AI

More than 100 billion IoT devices will be shipped over the next 4-5 years and they will generate an almost unimaginable volume of data. How will we use it when there aren’t even enough people to manage it all? Simon Crosby says AI at the Edge is the answer and explains why in this episode.

Episode 75: Bhanu Singh, OpsRamp

What can AI contribute in the context of Operations? Who uses it? What do they use it for? How does it work? And does it actually mean you'll soon be replacing your Ops team with an application? We talk about this and more in Episode 75.

Episode 74: Joe Duffy, Pulumi

Tired of writing hundreds (thousands?) of lines of YAML to get your code into the cloud? Joe Duffy says you don’t have to anymore, and he explains on this week’s episode.

Episode 73: Pete Johnson and Julio Gomez, Cisco

FONK is a serverless LAMP stack for Kubernetes. In this episode we find out what FONK does, why Pete started it, and how it can make working with containers a whole lot more efficient.

Episode 72: Geeta Chauhan, DeepCloud AI

Some regions of the world are not well-served by public cloud providers. Is AI-driven decentralized IaaS the answer? Geeta explains her team’s plan to make it happen.

Episode 71: Arpit Joshipura, The Linux Foundation

In late January, the Linux Foundation announced the formation of LF Edge. In this episode, Arpit explains why it was needed, who it serves, which projects are anchoring it, and more.

Episode 70: Matt Ferguson, Cisco

Establishing an easy-to-use hybrid cloud with a seamless user experience is challenging if you go the DIY route. Matt explains how Cisco Hybrid Solution for Kubernetes on AWS makes it much, much easier.

Episode 69: Jeremy Oakey, Cisco

When you change a product so much that you decide a name change is appropriate as well, you must have a heck of a story to tell. And that's exactly what Jeremy Oakey does in this episode of Cloud Unfiltered.

Episode 68: David Stanford, Cisco

How far into the cloud journey are most customers when they engage Cisco Services? What do they want help with? What percentage of their apps are ready to be moved to the cloud? We answer these questions and more in this episode.

Episode 67: Kyle Tyacke, Ravi Lachhman, and Marco Coulter, Cisco

What kind of gremlins lurk within the millions of lines of code that comprise your company's applications? Find out how AppDynamics helps locate those gremlins so you can eliminate them before they cause a sub-par customer experience.

Episode 66: Brandon Philips, RedHat

In the grand finale of our KubeCon/CloudNativeCon series Brandon Philips, CTO of CoreOS at RedHat gives us the lowdown on newly-admitted CNCF incubator project etcd!

Episode 65: Neependra Khare and Karthik Gaekwad, Oracle

Neependra and Karthik are known for their wildly popular Kubernetes 101 classes on edX and Lynda.com. Today they talk through the ten most common questions they get from students--as well as their best answers.

Episode 64: Lita Cho, Lyft

Migrating from legacy systems is time consuming, expensive, and risky--even if you're not a company that millions of people depend on for a ride. Find out why Lyft is doing it anyway.

Episode 63: Leigh Capili and John Slivka, Beatport

What do you do when you need to convert a huge catalog of music into new formats? You jump head-first into Kubernetes and build a scalable environment for executing batch and on-demand encoding workloads.

Episode 62: James Bowes, Manifold

In the first episode of our KubeCon series, James explains how his company is using Kubernetes to jump from one public cloud provider to another.

Episode 61: Matt Caulfield, Cisco

How will cloud at the edge make the world better? And does your business need to worry about it? Matt Caulfield explores several potential use cases.

Episode 60: Ildiko Vancsa, OpenStack

Ildiko is the ecosystem technical lead for OpenStack's Edge Computing Group. In this episode she explains how that group came to be, what it is trying to do, and why Edge was such a hot topic at OpenStack Berlin.

Episode 59: Glenn Seiler, Wind River Systems

Tune in to this episode to find out what problems it solves, what features it offers, and how it could be used in a couple of very detailed use cases.

Episode 58: Ed Warnicke, Cisco and Frederick Kautz, Red Hat

Don't miss this episode! One of our most popular guests--Ed Warnicke of Cisco--returns with Frederick Kautz of Red Hat to explain what the Network Service Mesh project is all about!

Episode 57: Lew Tucker, Cisco

Hear the VP and CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco talk about everything from OpenStack and Istio to the way we build applications and the importance of demo days.

Episode 56: Krishnan Subramanian, Rishidot Research

Do you have to choose between serverless and containers? If you want to go serverless, when is it appropriate? And what is so great about Fargate?

Episode 55: Carlos Campos Torres, Cisco

Cloud impacts everything in the data center—so in this episode we sat down and talked to a data center switching expert to talk about how it all looks from his point of view.

Episode 54: Sriram Subramanian, Cloud Don

The Cloud Don is the consultant that enterprises turn to when they're seeking expertise on AI/ML, IoT, and every variety of Cloud deployment. Hear what he has to say about serverless vs. microservices, hybrid vs. multicloud, and much more.

Episode 53: Roger Starmer, Kumulus Technologies

Overwhelmed with the prospect of modernizing your IT organization to take advantage of cloud technologies? Tune in to hear Robert’s advice on when you should do it, when you shouldn’t, and how to do it right.

Episode 52: Dee Kumar, The Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Get the low-down on KubeCon Copenhagen, the preview of KubeCon Shanghai, and insight into what CNCF is doing to help developers and member companies succeed.

Episode 51: Lisa-Marie Namphy, SF Bay Area Open Infrastructure User Group

She runs the largest OpenStack user group in the United States and has had a hand in starting and building dozens of other open source meetups. Hear how she does it and how you can get the most from your local user group.

Episode 50: Dr. Lars Dannecker, SAP

SAP is working with Cisco to deliver one of their newest solutions (SAP Data Hub) on Cisco Container Platform. Dr. Lars Dannecker explains what the solution does and why the partnership makes sense.

Episode 49: Patrick Crowley, Cisco

The founder of Observable Networks explains what sustainable security technology looks like, how it works, and how it protects "the time and attention of its users.

Episode 48: Anne Bertucio, The OpenStack Foundation

Kata was the star of the most recent OpenStack Summit. Anne Bertucio explains.

Episode 47: Ross Jimenez, Sandia Labs

Ross has worked at Compaq, HP, and Sandia Labs. He knows a whole lot about cloud and has a great reputation for building loyal, effective technical teams. Tune in to catch his insights and best practices.

Episode 46: Anoj Willy, Xentaurs

The ultimate strategy episode. If you’re leading an IT organization through a cloud transition, you’ll really want to hear it.

Episode 45: Alex Peay and Mike Place, SaltStack

This week is all about automation—the history of it, the different approaches to it, the biggest challenges with it, and the next great opportunity for it.

Episode 44: Luca Relandini and Stefano Gioia, Cisco

How do Cisco CloudCenter, Tetration, and AppDynamics work together? The Italian Data Center Dream Team explains.

Episode 43: Ann Wallace, Google

Ann helped Nike move to the cloud. Hear how she did it and how she’s helping other companies do it through her role on the Google Professional Services team.

Episode 42: Ilan Rabinovitch, Datadog

Ilan shares highlights from the recent Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), explains why he and his friends started it sixteen years ago, discusses the importance of data monitoring, and shares the results of Datadog’s annual container adoption study.

Episode 41: Ashley Roach, Cisco

DevNet, hacking, the Cambridge Analytica thing, protecting your data online, and parenting in the digital age. We cover all of it in Episode 41.

Episode 40: Hank Preston, Cisco

Four years ago, DevNet didn’t exist. Today it’s one of Cisco’s hottest programs. Hank Preston explains why.

Episode 39: Mark Voelker, VMware

This week we talk about VMware Integrated OpenStack, the 5G buildout that telcos and service providers are currently undertaking, and the latest and greatest OpenStack initiatives.

Episode 38: Dan Kohn, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Hear how CNCF got started, which projects are its fastest growing (besides Kubernetes), what the Foundation has to offer as far as training, and what their Serverless Working Group is up to.

Episode 37: Roger Dickinson, Cisco

Meet the artist behind Captain Cloud and hear what he has to say about how real customers are embracing multicloud solutions.

Episode 36: Pete Johnson, Cisco

Want to know what the Cisco/Google partnership is really all about? Pete’s your man.

Episode 35: Justin Garrison, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Ready to learn a little more about Cloud Native? Justin Garrison wrote the book on the subject (literally!), so we thought he'd be a great person to talk about it.

Episode 34: Jeremy Oakey, Cisco

Jeremy explains what Cisco Container Platform is, how it works, what role it plays in the Cisco/Google partnership, and what's coming next.

Episode 33: Shannon McFarland, Cisco

Shannon knows that creating an automated, synchronized, multicloud environment isn’t easy, but he’s on a mission to help our customers make it happen.

Episode 32: Steven Dake, Cisco

In this episode Steve talks about current OpenStack Foundation initiatives, the current state of Istio, and why he thinks Blockchain is going to change the world.

Episode 31: Tony Campbell, CoreOS

Containers are great. But can they be even easier to use? Tony discusses the different things system automation can do to make Kubernetes even more magical than it already is.

Episode 30: Lax Sakalke, Cisco

In this episode Lax will sit down with us to talk about what the Cisco Multicloud Portfolio is, why it was needed, and how it plays into other cloud initiatives such as Cisco's partnership with Google.

Episode 29: Ben Kepes

A respected, independent voice in the tech industry, Ben shares his opinions about OpenStack, Kubernetes, CNCF, and serverless computing.

Episode 28: Ed Warnicke, Cisco

One of our most popular guests from his initial appearance on the show, Ed Warnicke returns to talk to us about VPP, KubeCon, Kubernetes, Istio, and serverless computing.

Episode 27: Joe Arnold, SwiftStack

SwiftStack CEO, Joe Arnold, talks about the state of cloud storage, the recent OpenStack Summit, and the technologies he thinks will change the cloud game in the next five years.

Episode 26: Ryan Floyd, Storm Ventures

Ryan explains what the tech industry looks like from a VC’s point of view, and which technologies he’s optimistic about now.

Episode 25: Kurt Milne and Zack Kielich, Cisco

In this episode, guests Kurt Milne and Zack Kielich explain what Cisco CloudCenter (formerly known as CliQr) does, why people love it so much, and what the product roadmap looks like.

Episode 24: Joel Parks, Alicia Davis, and Nick Wallace

The organizers of DevOpsDays Nashville talk Kubernetes, culture change, and ageism in tech.

Episode 23: Sinclair Schuller, Apprenda

Sinclair explains what Apprenda does, why they’ve embraced Kubernetes, and how developers have influenced the business.

Episode 22: Bryan Doerr, Cisco

Bryan explains how a change in asset behavior can indicate that your network is under attack and your data has been compromised.

Episode 21: Anne McCormick, Cisco

Has anything really changed for women in tech over the past 20 years? Cisco cloud engineer Anne McCormick and our host Niki Acosta discuss.

Episode 20: Joshua McKenty, Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Josh McKenty started OpenStack at NASA. Today he’s the Field CTO at Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and he has a lot to say about IaaS, PaaS, containers, and culture change in the tech space.

Episode 19: Rand Morimoto, Convergent Computing

Former Internet Security Advisor to the White House, author, and President of Convergent Computing Rand Morimoto, Ph.D. applies the “psychology of cyberspace” to hacker activities, explains the success of Azure, and makes a case for jumping in to cloud with both feet.

Episode 18: Chris Riviere, Cisco

Today we talk Cisco Umbrella, formerly known as OpenDNS, with Chris Riviere, Consulting Systems Engineer for Cloud Security.

Episode 17: Per Werngren, Accelerator AB

Microsoft enthusiasts, this one's for you. Per is a serial entrepreneur that helps Microsoft-focused companies find their path to success in the cloud.

Episode 16: Diane Mueller-Kingspor, Mike Duarte, Michael White

Hear Diane and The Mikes discuss the best ways to move legacy apps to the cloud, the evolving roles of IT leaders, and the importance of persistence when changing corporate culture.

Episode 15: Randy Bias, Juniper Networks

Want to win big in the digital era? Stop fighting cloud and commit to major, major change. In this episode Randy Bias explains why only the bold will survive in an era where every company needs to become a technology company.

Episode 14: Vikram Hosakote, Cisco

Vikram explains what's going on with OpenDaylight, why Kubernetes is so popular, and the difference between what enterprises and service providers want in cloud solutions.

Episode 13: Dave Barach and Ed Warnicke, Cisco

Got questions about VPP? Dave and Ed have answers. In this episode they explain what it is, how it works, why it's such a big deal, and which technologies will leverage it in the near future.

Episode 12: Stu Miniman, SiliconANGLE

Hear Stu's insights into the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods, the difficulties that big companies have innovating, and how easily fake news becomes the truth.

Episode 11: Ken Owens, Cisco

Cisco’s CTO of Cloud Native Platforms weighs in on the benefits of containerization, the importance of bridging the divide between infrastructure and apps teams, and more.

Episode 10: Carmen Collins and Casie Shimansky, Cisco

In this episode, Carmen and Casie talk about paid volunteer days, donation matching, and everything else the company is doing in its quest to hire the best hackers, makers, and coders out there.

Episode 9: Branson Matheson, Cisco

He’s a former Navy cryptographer, NASA engineer, and TSA security expert, but he’s on our team now! Branson Matheson on info security, net neutrality, and cloud orchestration.

Episode 8: Joe Weinman

Business strategists, this one's for you. Hear Joe Weinman discuss the incredible array of possibilities opened up by the cloud as well as the complications that come with it.

Episode 7: Jeff Dickey, Redapt

He's close to the action in the cloud space, and he doesn't pull a punch when you ask for his opinion. Jeff Dickey on OpenStack, open source, containers, and more.

Episode 6: Reuven Cohen, Aporeto

Reuven touches on the benefits of containers and serverless architectures, explains why NFV hasn't caught on yet, and explores the dilemmas and opportunities coming with AI.

Episode 5: Heidi Joy Tretheway, The OpenStack Foundation

The OpenStack Foundation just released its 9th user survey. Heidi Joy walks us through some of the most interesting results.

Episode 4: Dave Lively, Director of Product Management, Cisco Cloud Group

Dave discusses the impact of technical debt when implementing cloud, the evolution of container usage, and cloud adoption trends among service providers.

Episode 3: Kip Compton, VP Cloud Platform Services, Cisco

Cloud customers are asking for something very different today than they were just a year ago. Kip explains why that's important.

Episode 2: Tim Crawford, CIO Advisor, AVOA

Hear Tim's insights on traditional vs. transformational CIOs, culture as a differentiator, and cloud as a game-changer for enterprises.

Episode 1: Rikki Endsley

Hear Rikki explain what opensource.com is about, how to contribute content, and much more.