Create a Better User Experience

Create a Better User Experience

Integrate your on-premises assets with Cisco Spark in the cloud. (PDF - 632 KB)

Integrate Microsoft Active Directory to Cisco Spark

Simplify user administration and updating of contact info with Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, one of the Cisco Spark Hybrid Services. The Directory Service automatically synchronizes users between Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco Spark's user management. This helps to ensure the user information is always current in Cisco Spark.

For administrators, the Hybrid Directory Service simplifies not only the Cisco Spark on-boarding experience, but also the day-to-day user management. Without it, administrators have to manually add, delete, or edit user info in Cisco Spark every time they make a change in the Microsoft Active Directory. But with the Hybrid Directory Service, this is done automatically.

Simplify Management

Using this service securely eliminates the need to manage multiple directory databases. For example, when an employee who is leaving the company is removed from Microsoft Active Directory, the information is passed to Cisco Spark and the account is deactivated. The user will no longer be able to log in to Cisco Spark and will be removed from all associated rooms.

The Directory Service also helps to ensure accurate and up-to-date directory information for all Cisco Spark users. That includes correct names, email addresses, contact information, and even company avatars. So you have all the right info you need to connect and communicate quickly.

How Spark Hybrid Directory Service Works

The Hybrid Directory service can be deployed on its own or together with any of the other Cisco Spark Hybrid Services. To facilitate these services, a software application or “connector” must be deployed and run on your premises (or in the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution partner cloud). The Hybrid Directory Service connector runs standalone on a windows-based server. This server synchronizes identities between the on-premises Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco Spark user management system, with Microsoft Active Directory acting as the system of record.

This service uses a highly secure API to communicate Active Directory changes--such as new, updated, or deleted accounts-- to Cisco Spark.

There are no incremental subscriptions or fees for deploying this or any of the Cisco Spark Hybrid Services. The Hybrid Service Connectors and Cisco Expressway are downloadable free of charge. They are part of Cisco Unified Communications licensing schemes and the Cisco Spark service.

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