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Collaboration for Sales Teams

Transform the sales experience

Meet face-to-face with customers using video-conferencing and collaboration tools. Engage experts from anywhere, on any device. Build relationships, sell faster.

Get out of the sales silo

Collaboration across departments is crucial to support sales and ensure continued support of the customer. Here’s what sales pros have to say:

  • 73%
    cross-department collaboration is “critical” or “very important”

    Salesforce, 2017
  • 60%
    collaborative selling has increased team productivity by more than 25%

    Salesforce, 2017
  • 52%
    collaborative selling has increased pipeline activity by more than 25%

    Salesforce, 2017

Collaborate for better sales

Create better connections

Reduce email and meetings by creating persistent shared workspaces. Share customer and account information across teams.

Bring people together

Have the ability to instantly connect via messaging, voice, or video, no matter where people are or what device they use.

Improve customer response

Bringing together the right players in an ongoing conversation helps you quickly address issues – and make the difference between a timely response and an annoyed customer.

With Webex Teams you can…

Have a direct line with every client

Webex Teams lets you chat and meet flexibly, frequently, and informally from wherever we are.

Meet your quota in time

Time is money. With Webex Teams you can respond to customers quickly while mobile to seal the deal.

Operate in the moment

Making the world of construction smarter is a tireless process, which is why you need tools. It’s like a carpenter – they need a hammer, so we need Cisco Spark.

Christian Fredenlund, CEO, coBuilder