Collaboration for Sales Teams

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Meet face-to-face with customers with video-conferencing and collaboration tools. Engage experts from anywhere, on any device. Sell more, sell faster.

The number one market driver affecting sales today is the change in customer buying behavior. Customers are more informed and empowered than ever. Meanwhile, sales leaders have the same need: Reach your quotas.

Based on market dynamics, sales executives are looking for new strategies to make their numbers. Some examples include:

  • Sell faster from anywhere
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Turn customers in to advocates
  • Develop sellers and improve seller training

Explore how collaboration technology can help you accelerate your contacts pipeline and connect with customers with our Use Case Tool.

Sales Case Studies

Read real-world stories from companies that improved by using collaboration solutions to improve strategy and network.

  • John Eagle Auto Group improves collaboration among 10 U.S. dealerships, reducing travel while potentially increasing sales.
  • U.K. retailer John Lewis cuts travel costs while improving productivity, training, and communications with video conferencing.
  • Nationwide U.K. uses video conferencing to improve availability to customers and increase sales.

More Sales Case Studies

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Explore Collaboration for Business Roles

Address business priorities by improving collaboration.

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With the right collaboration tools executives can be mobile and stay connected over video.

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