Collaboration Case Study: Presidio

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Create a “Work Anywhere” Environment

Presidio, Inc. is a Cisco Gold Certified Partner and Master Collaboration Specialized Partner with customers and offices located across the United States. With Cisco Collaboration products, employees have face-to-face meetings from anywhere.


Through acquisitions, Presidio has grown from 1200 employees in 20 offices to more than 2200 employees in 45 offices as of mid-2014. The company inherited a variety of communications systems with little or no connectivity with those acquisitions.


Presidio now uses a combination of on-premises systems and cloud services to give employees multiple tools for collaboration:


  • Broke through organizational boundaries
  • Improved communications with customers
  • Expanded capabilities for business applications
Collaboration technology {gives us} the flexibility to spend the time and resources where you really need to be in order to maintain balance and stay sharper and more effective.
- George Chongris
Manager of Collaboration Infrastructure, Presidio