Collaboration Case Study: Edinburgh Napier University

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Streamline Long-Distance Learning With Collaboration

Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland bridges the gap between campuses with help from Cisco and partner collaboration solutions.


  • Geographically dispersed campus made meetings costly and inconvenient.
  • Distance-learning programs in Malaysia, India, and China required dependable, user-friendly online tools to optimize interaction.
  • The virtual learning environment required a separate sign-in process, creating a significant administrative burden for IT staff, and limiting technology adoption.



  • Cisco WebEx adoption grew from 10 to more than 50 meetings per month.
  • Single-click access accelerated meeting setup and empowered users to manage their own meeting schedules.
  • A simpler sign-on process promoted tighter security.
Now users can schedule a whole semester's worth of classes in just a few clicks.
- Iain Bruce
Senior Virtual Learning Environment Developer, Edinburgh Napier University