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Managing Remote Contractors

Recruiting made better

Webex Teams makes your hiring process easier and faster than ever.

    Work with the best

    Contracting short-term workers shouldn’t be limited by location. You need the best talent, from anywhere, quickly.

    Access should be easy

    Contractors need to be kept in the loop with the rest of their business. They need easy access to past conversations, documents, and all teammates.

    Security is priority

    Contractors need to treat your company’s information as safely as you do. Make sure information sharing is secure.

    Keep contractors connected

    • Getting contractors up to speed and contributing to the business has never been easier.
    • Interview your contractor candidates over video, to make sure they’re the right fit.
    • Hire the best person, regardless of location.
    • Make onboarding easy. Set them up in advance with the right groups of people to meet.
    • Add the contractor to existing team chat spaces, so they can access old conversations, data, and documents.
    • Ensure that they can message and call anyone they need for help, so they feel connected to the business.
    • Store all of their work and conversations with your company securely to ensure data safety.

    Meet anytime

    Expand your contractor possibilities by working with the best talent from anywhere.

    Build relationships over video

    Have a life-like conversations with Cisco collaboration devices.

    Share the team’s knowledge

    Chat in Webex Teams. Add contractors to current spaces, so they can get up to speed.