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Fueling Innovation for Research and Development Teams

Increase productivity

Businesses ability to successfully innovate on an ongoing basis is the key determining factor for long term profitability. To achieve this teams need to have the tools and freedom to focus on idea generation and refinement and processes need to be agile. Your IP needs to be protected and your environment needs to have collaboration at the heart of it.

Innovation leads to growth

In a market where innovation, speed, and efficiency are vital, organizations that embrace collaboration tools have a competitive edge.

Collaborate more often

Get Ideas to Market Faster

Sharing ideas often requires more than a conversation. Get the ability to wirelessly present, whiteboard, video or audio conference, and even annotate shared content – with one device.

Bring tech teams together

Simplify team meetings and reduce travel time. Communications tools like video conferencing enable researchers and developers to make quicker decisions together.

Simplify staying connected

Meetings are only part of teamwork. Send messages, meet, share files, whiteboard. Spend less time chasing email and instant messaging, more time getting work done.

Using video to connect

Our reliable, scalable, and cost effective video conferencing platform has now become the ‘new normal’ in our way of working. Face to face meetings are just a click away. It reduces travel, increases workforce agility, and contributes to a greener tomorrow.

Sandeep Sen, Group CIO, Linde AG