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Collaboration for Customer Care

Deliver quality customer experiences

Customers want faster response, personalized service, and increased availability. They also want to choose how they communicate. Differentiate your business with personalized customer service. Attract and keep customers, while managing your costs.

Pay attention to customer preferences

A consumer behavior survey from BT shows a shift in what people expect from organizations when it comes to customer care. Here are three key findings:

  • 56%
    Convenience is more important than price

    BT, 2017
  • 58%
    Chat is quicker than email or calling

    BT, 2017
  • 68%
    Secure payments increase spending

    BT, 2017

Collaborate with customers

Connect customer journeys

Customer care has to deliver at every stage of the customer lifecycle, from finding prospects and persuading them to purchase, to providing ongoing service and retaining clients.

Support customer service

Building better customer relationships and improving service starts with creating an omnichannel contact center that supports all your needs, as well as your customers.

Meet customer needs

Whether your organization has 400 customer care agents or 12,000, it’s important to select a contact center platform that fits your needs, while allowing you to scale for growth.

Paychex optimizes the customer experience

"You have to be highly available. You have to be ready to service your clients at any given time. So we wanted to make sure that we had a platform in place that would give us that flexibility. We believe that’s why we have more than 100,000 clients that have been with us for over a decade."

Carlos Cong, Paychex Inc.