Case Study: City of Charlotte

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Migrating to Cloud Service for Contact Centers

The City of Charlotte, North Carolina, used cloud collaboration solutions to handle calls during and after the Democratic National Convention. The City migrated from an on-premises solution for its multiple contact centers to highly secure cloud services.


  • Provide excellent caller experience
  • Create a scalable solution for the City’s contact centers
  • Reduce government costs


Migrated from on-premises servers for communications and contact center to NWN cloud services, including NCloud Hosted Collaboration based on Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution


  • Delivered excellent caller experience to citizens
  • Offloaded management of communications platforms from the City's IT team, freeing it to focus on citizen service
  • Lowered total cost of ownership for contact center by approximately US$100,000 annually

Although cost savings were not the primary driver for the hosted collaboration solution, we are saving taxpayers approximately $100,000 annually.
- Bellverie Ross
Senior Program Manager, City of Charlotte, North Carolina