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Work anytime, anywhere, on any device. See the benefit of rich interactive experiences. (1:56 min)

Collaboration should be as simple and effective outside the organization as it is inside the organization. Cisco collaboration solutions provide native support for all leading smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a highly secure, policy-controlled manner.

Make it easier for employees to use personal or company-issued mobile devices as an extension of your enterprise network and applications. Provide a consistent, simple, productive user experience anywhere, anytime, to anyone using any workload on any device.

Mobility Beyond BYOD

Mobility is about much more than a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment. It is an opportunity to extend the benefits of rich media collaboration outside the corporate office on any device, anywhere, so employees are as effective and productive as they are inside the office.

Organizations can provide a highly secure, fully featured desk or mobile client with all the Cisco collaboration workloads. This includes high-definition voice and video, messaging, and desktop sharing to mobile users anywhere on any device. Organizations can also provide the same capabilities for multi-point meetings.

The rapid evolution of mobile technology has changed the workspace. The focus is often on devices, but the true value is in what devices can make possible, such as:

  • Improved productivity and employee engagement
  • Reduced costs
  • Rapid innovation

Explore how you can support your organization's business goals with use cases that bring together collaboration and mobility.

Cisco makes these services simple to deploy and more secure for IT. We offer a single integrated architecture that allows mobile Jabber clients and remote endpoints to register directly to Cisco Unified Communications Manager environments.

We provide the choice of security as well. Use a full VPN client or provide a session-based security model (TLS) to secure applications and media on mobile devices or remote fixed endpoints. This helps users access applications across a range of devices easily and efficiently.

Cisco supports the broadest set of use cases so that people can be as productive outside the office as they in the office. With Cisco solutions you can collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device using any workload.

Combine the Power of Mobility and Collaboration

Executing and decision making typically involve many people, in many different places. Now you can work across multiple platforms and devices, on premises or in the cloud, with the same collaboration capabilities and experiences that you have in the office. These capabilities include:

  • Instant messaging (IM) and presence
  • Content sharing
  • Web conferencing and videoconferencing
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Other capabilities such as directory access or visual voicemail

Cisco provides these capabilities in ways that are simple to use, secure, and deploy. Solutions include:

  • Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture

    The industry's most comprehensive any-to-any solution today, Cisco Collaboration Edge Architecture provides simple, highly secure collaboration experiences to anyone, anywhere, on any device using any workload.

  • Cisco Jabber

    Gain a fully featured desktop or mobile client outside the network. Easily collaborate anywhere, on any device, with presence, IM, voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

  • Cisco WebEx Meetings

    Meet online wherever you are, on whatever device you prefer: smartphone, tablet, or laptop; iOS, Android, or Windows; 3G or 4G. Access meeting-space content from any browser.

  • Cisco TelePresence

    Cisco WebEx and Cisco TelePresence solutions are optimized to work with any standards-based video endpoints, helping you expand the reach of your meetings and simplify the experience for participants.

  • Cisco Pervasive Conferencing Solutions

    Support simple, affordable, multiparty video-enabled collaboration for any user on any device with a consistent, business-class user experience.

  • Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence

    Use the Jabber client to participate in telepresence sessions from any device.

  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration

    The flexibility and agility of cloud-based collaboration can help you more quickly deploy the latest applications and satisfy business expectations. 

"Now nobody ever needs to say to a client, 'I can give you an answer when I get back to the office.' " -Mike Fitzgerald, Eagle Investment Systems.

"Making it easier for employees from different departments to work together side-by-side on their own devices, anywhere on campus, is a big step forward in promoting greater productivity and better delivery of government services." -Eric Bish, City of Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

"Our clients know that we can maintain frequent contact with them, without time or distance being a barrier." -James R. Brogan, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

"With Cisco collaboration tools, we can spark a conversation wherever we are in the world and collaborate the way humans are meant to, which is person-to-person." -Nancy Crouch, CIO, Wake Forest University.







  • Olympic Committee Collaboration

    The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games used web-based video and media to keep a growing workforce of organizers informed.

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