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Build Effective Distributed Teams to Improve Business Agility

A virtual team, like a traditional team, is a group of people who interact through interdependent tasks guided by a common purpose, such as developing a new product.

However, a virtual team can be spread across different regions and time zones, and can include team members in different departments or partner, supplier, or customer organizations.

Cisco Collaboration solutions can help you drive new levels of business productivity in virtual teams by accelerating decision making, helping to build trust, and unlocking innovation.

What You Can Do

In today's increasingly distributed business environment, you can:

  • Build trust and understanding across groups, time zones, and cultures within cross-functional and diverse virtual teams. This helps develop intimacy through rich and frequent video communications.
  • Encourage participation in interactive communities to share information and build knowledge among multigenerational workforces.
  • Accelerate decision making and reduce delays, by helping co-workers, partners, or customers communicate in real time, using their preferred method.
  • Unlock innovative ideas by locating experts to generate and gather new ideas within and outside the organization to improve the pace and quality of business innovation.
  • Reduce or cut travel costs by scaling resources and meeting with executives, experts and partners more frequently, virtually.

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