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Build Effective Distributed Teams to Improve Business Agility

As your workforce grows and becomes increasingly mobile and dispersed, its ability to survive and thrive depends on effective communications. Keeping your workforce apprised of the latest developments requires that you adapt to diverse audiences, cultures, and behaviors.

Employees need to understand and rally behind core business objectives. Management needs to communicate information quickly, clearly, and effectively. Mistakes caused by miscommunication can create unnecessary costs for organizations, due to missed deadlines, lost time, and wasted resources.

Cisco Collaboration solutions can improve organizational communications, by connecting employees to the business to improve customer success, stimulate growth, and increase profitability.

How to Form a Strategically Aligned Organization

  • Reach more people by creating and cascading information in more powerful and cost-effective ways, or have content find you, even in a crisis.
  • Enhance employee engagement by building communities to host discussion forums, gain feedback, capture collective wisdom, and celebrate successes. You can also create two-way conversations using chats, blogs and polls.
  • Invite partners and customers to communicate, securely. Go beyond the corporate walls to shorten decision times, strengthen partnerships, and create alignment and synergy.
  • Improve the way you manage staff by using high-definition video to hire talent, motivate remote team members, and manage underperformers, all without leaving the office.

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