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The next wave of cloud adoption

Read this infobrief to see where your company ranks in IDC’s five levels of cloud adoption.

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Global cloud adoption highlights

Explore adoption trends from 31 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America.

Benefits of an optimized strategy

Benefits of an optimized strategy

Find out what to expect from public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies.


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Get the most from your multicloud investments

Get the most from your multicloud investments

Our BCA workshop offers concrete guidance supported by IDC analysis.

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IDC finds cloud usage rapidly rising

Cloud adoption has increased 61% from last year. Yet, 69% of organizations do not have mature cloud strategies in place. According to IDC’s global cloud study, the greater the level of cloud maturity, the better the outcomes. This includes increased revenue and more strategic allocation of the IT budget.*

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    50% of organizations run more than one type of private cloud.

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    40% rise in private cloud spending expected in the next two years.

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    Almost 68% of organizations use some form of cloud, up 61% from last year.

* Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Cisco, September 2016

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Making the most of cloud

Making the most of cloud

Is your cloud achieving all your business goals? Scott Clark discusses a new IDC study.

The cloud security paradox

The cloud security paradox

Enrico Fuiano talks about security solutions for and from the cloud.

Standardize or diversify?

Standardize or diversify?

Standardize and decrease, or diversify and increase providers? Enrico Fuiano discusses trends.