Delivering a Consistent Command Line Experience

We know a lot of engineers and administrators really like the command line. So do we. That's why we've made sure that Cisco Metacloud is fully compatible with the OpenStack Unified CLI. These powerful and scriptable command line tools give you complete flexibility to manage all your cloud resources. To make it easy to start using the CLI, every Metacloud install comes with pre-installed instances complete with all the tools.

The purpose of the OpenStack client is to "flatten" any differences between the core OpenStack projects (computing, storage, networking, identity, and others) and give you a consistent command line experience overall.


  • Support for computing, identity, image, object-store, and volumes - with more being added
  • Huge list of commands, objects, and actions available
  • Uses the OpenStack Python client API modules, extending them as required
  • Consistent naming and structure for commands and arguments
  • Consistent output formats with optional machine-parsable formats

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