A big part of the private cloud value proposition is the ability to customize it to meet the very specific needs of your business and workloads. It's about having:

  • The freedom to add a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) layer if you want it
  • The ability to handle data-intensive workloads, while optimizing the capacity of object storage if you need it
  • The option of choosing block storage to optimize performance and improve scale, if that’s critical to success in your situation

With that in mind, Cisco has partnered with the technology companies below. Our goal is to help ensure their solutions can be easily integrated and work well with Metacloud, as part of a comprehensive private cloud solution.

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Apprenda PaaS is a run-time layer on Metacloud that transforms private data center assets and public cloud infrastructure into a policy driven, self-service, hybrid cloud to run .NET, Java, and Docker applications with ease. Enterprises leverage Apprenda to drive order of magnitude improvements in infrastructure utilization, developer productivity, organizational agility, and governance.


Pivotal Cloud Foundry is a cloud-native platform that helps enterprises rapidly deliver new experiences to their customers. It makes it easier to build and deploy new applications quickly using any language or runtime, and various backing services. Much of the operational complexity is deferred to the platform.


Pure Storage is the agile, reliable all-flash storage foundation used by leading companies to power their clouds. Pretested and integrated with the Cisco Metacloud solution, our industry-leading simplicity and efficiency helps you deploy services rapidly and drive high ROI. With greater than 99.999 percent availability in production, Pure Storage is the ultimate storage platform for application consolidation. (PDF - 518 KB)


SolidFire is a scale-out, all-flash storage platform, built specifically for large-scale cloud infrastructure. It’s able to provision and manage storage performance separately from capacity. SolidFire delivers predictable storage performance to thousands of applications from a single system. (PDF - 501 KB)


SwiftStack is object storage software that can be integrated with Metacloud and runs on Cisco UCS hardware in your data center. The solution delivers an Amazon S3-like object storage service on-premises to complement other cloud services provided by Metacloud. Built on OpenStack Swift, SwiftStack provides the proven scale of public cloud with management made for enterprises.