A Non-Prescriptive Approach for Greater Flexibility

Integrating the network is typically the biggest challenge in private cloud deployments. Rather than force a specific architecture or hardware device into your environment, we've taken a different approach. Our VLAN+ Network Manager works in multiple reference architectures to support multi-tenancy, floating IP addresses, security groups, contiguous tenant IP pools, and integrated load balancing. It also helps to ensure optimal network address and VLAN usage in your data center. Our goal is to integrate with your existing network architecture on the backend, while giving you a public cloud experience through the Cisco Metacloud API, command line, and dashboard.

Reference Network Architectures
Metacloud network topologies are not prescriptive and work in most types of data center Ethernet environments. We use the reference architectures below as a starting point, and work with your team to configure the best solution for you.

Hardware Gateway Model
With the Hardware Gateway Model, you can take advantage of your existing network infrastructure and its advanced capabilities while easily integrating the Metacloud platform. Each project in the availability zone uses your hardware, such as a router, firewall, or switching device, as its default gateway. In this configuration, the Metacloud Control Points are still configured for high availability and rapid failover, but only provide core cloud services to the environment.

Metacloud Gateway Model
The Metacloud Gateway Model allows for Metacloud Control Points to act as the default gateway for all projects in the availability zone they are serving. Each control point provides the core services for all cloud services and networking functions, and is configured for high availability and rapid failover. The advantages to this model are dynamic VLAN allocations and Layer 3 expansion, as well as floating IP addresses.

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