Taking Core OpenStack Functionality to the Next Level

With Cisco Metacloud, users can rapidly deploy virtual machine instances in a highly secure multi-project environment. All VM instance types are 100 percent compatible with common cloud deployments, and can be optimized for your business needs.

Based on OpenStack Compute (Nova), Metacloud delivers a true public cloud experience, privately. As a user, you'll have full access to the powerful API, command line, and dashboard capabilities to provision and manage your virtual machines and images. As an administrator, you'll see aggregated views of users, projects, and your entire availability zone. Live stats give you real-time insight into what's happening behind the scenes.


  • Built on OpenStack Compute (Nova)
  • Enhancements added by Cisco for scale, reliability, and operations
  • Fully operated by Cisco so you can focus on your applications, not the underlying computing infrastructure and orchestration powering your VMs
  • Administrators can fine-tune the flavor sizes, and specify images available to users and projects to best fit their application and hardware needs

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