Medianet Architecture

The Possibilities of a Strong Architecture for Video

The Possibilities of a Strong Architecture for Video

A Cisco Medianet provides much more than conventional video solutions; it can transform everyday business processes. Imagine:

  • U.S. team members in fast moving, face-to-face meetings with suppliers in Europe and Asia, reaching decisions in record time
  • A branch office marketing rep retrieving an on-demand video that details a coming product launch
  • A security staff member in a nighttime parking lot, viewing selected surveillance feeds from around the campus on a smartphone
  • A concerned patient, at home, meeting with her physician in another city as he explains the medical images that he's displaying on her screen

Benefits of Adoption

Capabilities in a Cisco Medianet build upon IP networking and standards-based technologies to ease adoption. The result is a strong end-to-end video architecture that can reduce costs, increase flexibility and efficiency, and improve user experiences.

Cost Savings

  • Faster troubleshooting: Quickly identify video, voice, and data application problems in the network with real-time metrics, fault identification, and isolation capabilities.
  • Easier deployment and configuration: Endpoint devices automatically understand the network platform they're on to speed deployment, set network policies, and improve operations.
  • Improved network visibility results in better planning and investment decisions as well as bandwidth scoping.

Greater Efficiency

  • Optimize bandwidth: Routing techniques are applied to optimize performance, acceleration, and best route selection.
  • Differentiate business-critical applications: Networks in a medianet can determine the importance of a session based on its business value.

Quality of User Experience

  • Any type of video: Optimized video delivers high-quality user experiences, whether it's live or on-demand, one-way or multi-way.
  • Video everywhere: Video can be shared on a variety of devices, so people can use video how, when and where they want.