Cisco Medianet Architecture

Take Control of Your Media Applications

Medianet helps you deploy and manage media applications with more confidence.

What Is a Medianet?

Its an architecture optimized for media applications. We developed the Cisco Medianet Architecture around a set of technologies supported on Cisco routers, switches, video and collaboration endpoints, and applications. The applications and network work together through the Cisco Media Services Interface (MSI). They scale, optimize, and enhance the performance of the collaboration components.

Why Does Medianet Matter to Your Network

Why Does Medianet Matter to Your Network?

It helps you scale with the rise of voice and video applications, so you can optimize your network infrastructure. It improves quality of service, so you can better align your network resources around business priorities. It offers more visibility, so you can better isolate issues affecting the network. And save time and money on troubleshooting.

Why Does Medianet Matter to Your Applications

Why Does Medianet Matter to Your Applications?

With the Cisco Medianet Architecture, you can capitalize on your investments-today and tomorrow. It helps you provide the best quality of experience to your customers. It gives you tools to monitor your endpoints and applications more proactively. You can accelerate the deployment of applications. And manage them with confidence.

How Is Cisco Helping You Prepare for the Future

How Is Cisco Helping You Prepare for the Future?

Were looking at where things are going, like the transition to the cloud, and how it affects you. Were building solutions around the cloud that bring greater visibility, so you can maintain control. And were expanding the framework to include non-media applications, to solve even more of your business problems.

What Is the Cisco Medianet Advantage

What Is the Cisco Medianet Advantage?

Are you designing a network that needs to support a multitude of applications. Or do you want to deploy applications like WebEx or desktop video? You may be struggling with day-to-day issues, like how to use your softphone as your real phone, or looking to the future on how to move services to the cloud. Start with the Cisco Medianet Architecture. Accelerate. Optimize. Scale.

How Do I Get Started

How Do I Get Started?

Go to the Design Zone for Medianet and the Medianet Knowledge Base to get the latest information on how to design, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot Cisco Medianet Technologies.

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