Cisco Workload Optimization Manager

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Control Any Workload, Any Time, On Any Platform

Instantly scale resources up or down in response to changing demand assuring workload performance. Drive up utilization and workload density.  Reduce costs with accurate sizing and forecasting of future capacity. Your business  experiences increased performance across on-premise and public clouds.

Unified Control of Any Workload

Realize cost efficiency without compromising workload performance.

Elastic Infrastructure at Scale

Optimized resources improve performance and deliver capex savings.

Features and Capabilities

Time for Software to Manage Software

  • Workloads are growing 26% year over year; IT budgets growing at 3%
  • Reactive thresholds and alerts put service levels at risk
  • Explosion of devices and workloads have made it impossible to make real-time, complex decisions

Fast Time-to-Value

  • Installs in less than one hour via .ova file
  • Agentless technology converts data center into topological map of environment and interrelationships
  • Within one hour recommends actions across three areas:
    • Migration or placement of resources
    • Scaling of resource allocations up or down to match demand
    • Global provisioning when more capacity required
  • Actions prescriptively set to business rules

Cisco Value

  • Deep level of inspection across Cisco UCS chassis, blades, IO modules and fabric interconnect
  • Integration with Cisco UCS Director and Cisco CloudCenter for real-time, automatic problem resolution
  • Integrations across Cisco's hybrid cloud stack

Accurate Modeling and Forecasting

  • Analytics guide when and by how much to scale and grow resource
  • Out-of-box templates forecast quantity and timeline to purchase Cisco UCS
  • Analytic-based modeling delivers capex savings by recovering orphaned resources

Specifications at a Glance

  • Designed for virtualized on-premise and public cloud infrastructures
  • Supports multiple hypervisors, containers and cloud platforms
  • Delivers elastic infrastructure at scale without disrupting workload performance
  • Proactive scaling of resources before performance degradation occurs
  • 1, 3, and 5 year subscriptions with per server tiered pricing

Self-Managing Data Centers

Allow your business to move at the speed of the market.

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